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Table Tennis at Canada Winter Games 


Manitoba Canada Winter Games Try-outs #2 Results:

The M.T.T.A. held our second of three sets of tryouts in order to pick Manitoba’s boys and girls teams for the 2023 Canada Winter Games to be held this coming February in Prince Edward Island.

On the girl’s side, Grace Qi was again victorious posting a perfect 3-0 record only dropping 1 game along the way.  Spots 2-4 were decided by the tie breaking rules as each of these girls recorded 1 win and 1 loss against each other.  In the end, based on I.T.T.F. tie-break rules, Alexus Lee finished second, Samantha Belches 3rd and Victoria Lee fourth.  Congratulations to all girls for their hard play.

On the boy’s side, Try-Outs #1 winner Joel Geake of Morden was away at University and did not compete.  This opened the door for Jeremy Huang to take top spot where he bested Charles Belches (formerly of Altona now now living in Winnipeg).  Owen Hu bested Didie Joyal to take third spot.

The final try-outs will be held on November 5th as part of the Manitoba Closed Championshsips.

Ron Edwards Reporting 


Excellent Result for Team 'Toba' at Canadian Championships

TEAM MANITOBA @ 2022 CANADIAN JUNIOR & SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS:  Back Row (L-R) Alexus Lee, Grace Qi, Head Coach Arvin Tronco, Victoria Lee, Samantha Belches.  Front Row (L-R) Ethan Ouyang, Didie Joyal, Owen Hu, Takeo Gagro, Ho Sum Chong, Charles Belches.  Missing from photo Phuong Nguyen (Manager), Terry Zhang (Coach), Yi Fan Lu (Coach), Matthew Lehmann (Sr. Team), Danny Joyal & Joanne Zhang (Drivers & support).


The 2022 Canadian Junior and Senior Championships took place this past July 5th to July 10th at My Table Tennis Club in Mississauga, Ontario. The Manitoba Table Tennis Association sent 6 teams to participate for this year’s Nationals:  Boys and Girls U13 & U15 teams, Boys U19 team and Senior Men’s team; we unfortunately could not field Girls U19 or a Senior Woman’s team. 

Our Senior Men’s Team consisted of Matthew Lehmann and Yifan Lu who each contested the Singles and Doubles events. In singles, Matthew finished 7th overall while Yifan was knocked out in the round of 16. In Doubles play, they were knocked out by an Ontario team in the round of 16.  Matthew also played in the mixed doubles event where he paired up with Ivy Bao of Alberta and were eliminated in the round of 8; they both played well for the first time teaming up, but we can’t expect much since playing doubles is a different ball game. Chemistry is very important and it takes a lot of time to develop to click with one another during a real match.

Our Junior Team consisted of the following athletes:

Boys U19 – Takeo Gagro and Charles Belches.  Lost Bronze medal match, 4th overall.

Boys U15 – Ho Sum Chong and Didie Joyal.  Lost Bronze medal match, 4th overall.  Charles lost in round of 16 in singles.

Boys U13 – Owen Hu and Ethan Ouyang.  5th place finish in team.  Owen knocked out round of 32.

Girls U15 – Grace Qi and Samantha Belches. SILVER MEDAL IN TEAM.  Alexus, Victoria and Grace all knocked out round of 8 and Samantha knocked out round of 16.

Girls U13 – Victoria Lee and Alexus Lee.  SILVER MEDAL IN TEAM & Victoria SILVER in Singles and Alexus out round of 16.

Girls U19 singles - Grace knocked out round of 16.


I want to congratulate all of you for a job well done! The boy’s team results were very good considering the strength of the other Provinces.  Both the Girls U15 and U13 team went to the spotlight at the 2022 Canadian Championships Junior Team event Finals. Grace Qi and Samantha Belches won Silver in the Girls U15 Team event and Victoria Lee and Alexus Lee won Silver in the Girls U13 Team event. Victoria Lee also won Silver Medal in the Girls U13 Singles event while she also finished top 8 together with Grace Qi and Alexus Lee in the Girls U15 Singles event. We are too close and almost knocking on that door to snatch that gold medal but remember losing doesn’t mean you failed…seeing you guys & gals perform at your best and giving everything you’ve got is what matters most and I couldn’t ask for more but all I can say is…I’m so proud of what you guys accomplished this year at Nationals. Keep up the good work and we will come back stronger next year!


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our Coaches Terry Zhang, Phuong Nguyen, Yifan Lu and former Head Coach Milcho Uzunov who came back to Winnipeg from Bulgaria to help Matthew and the kids prepare. Thank you for all the help and great job everyone! Special thanks to Mr. Danny Joyal, Danny Lee and Joanne Zhang I appreciate all the effort for organizing our trip and planning our meal plans during our hectic schedules each day; really a big help for all our athletes to have a successful Nationals this year.


Lastly, I would like to thank our Sponsors Mr. Andreas Ingenfeld of the “Crusty Bun” for sponsoring our Coache’s Uniform and also to Mrs. April Manzano of the “Prime Medical Services” for sponsoring our Athletes Uniform this year.


On behalf of the Manitoba Table Tennis Association thank you everyone and Congratulations to all our Athletes.


Event Result Link: - 2022 Canadian National Championships - Draws


Interview with Victoria, Alexus and Samantha Link:


Coach Tronco reporting.


Manitoba Team Place Well at Saskatchewan  Internationsal Team Club Open Tournament

This past May long weekend, several teams travelled from Winnipeg to compete in the annual “SITCO” event…finishing very well...the players wanted to do the reports…well done Alexus, Samsung et al.

 Alexus Lee on Sitco:

This past may long weekend we drove for 8hrs to play at SITCO. The format this time was team play, best of 5 playing dbl -sgl-sgl -sgl-sgl. We competed in the A division that consists of 8 different teams with an AVERAGE rating point range from 650 to1900. It was quite tiring the first day for we had to play quite a number of matches.  Everybody from Manitoba supported each other during their matches and i especially enjoyed Samson’s extra loud and exciting “cho” at the end of my sister’s match! 

On the second day we had to play knockout quarter finals. We played a team that consisted of 3 adults and their way of playing was quite different from us. We lost the first 2 matches which led us into a hole of 0-2. I played my best and eventually tied it back up to 2-2 my sister got her “revenge” on the guy she lost to the night before which led us to win the overall match 3-2, Just like Coach Arvin’s saying, “comebacks are real!” 😀   By winning this knock out match we made it to semifinals and eventually our team "Vivo & Tranquilo "won the 3rd place bronze medal and $150 in prize money.  Our team of coaches that consists of Coach Terry, Coach Yan and Veteran player Gordon Chow whom they call themselves “Dictatorship” did not disappoint. They captured first place in division A and received $450 in prize money. Samson and John's team "Team Mo Boll" played very well and came in 2nd place in the B division receiving a silver medal and $200 in prize money. Unfortunately, Takeo with his knee injury didn’t play as well as he wanted to but him and Grace team "Hong Kong" still tried their best and finished well in the A division.  The first timers team "Zach and Owen" did very well and finished 4th in B division. 

 Thanks to my mom and dad for taking care of everyone during the tournament and driving us to and from Saskatoon and Winnipeg. We wouldn’t have been able to have this experience without them💖. Thank you to MTTA for letting us go to this tournament. 

Samsong Chong on Sitco:

We drove for 8 hours during the May long weekend to play in the "SITCO" team open event in Saskatoon. Prior to the tournament, my partner John and I had practiced doubles and various strategies in order to do our best in the competition. During SITCO, we competed in the B division, which consisted of eight teams. We gained a lot of experience in the first day by playing more than 20 games. Having team Manitoba cheer me on during several tight and close games was a wonderful treat. I particularly like Alexus' and John's father's guidance. We had studied each player's playing style by the conclusion of day 1 and were ready for the knockouts on day 2. While our team was down 2-1 in the semi-finals on knockout day,

I clapped for John and offered him advice, bringing the score to 2-2. When it was time for me to shine, I had to play an adult with a rating of 200 higher than mine. When I was down 2-0, leaving me shaking and terrified. John advised me not to be afraid and to boldly hit my shots, When I got back up, I "Cho-ed" crazily for every point I scored, heating my body hot. After a three-set comeback, my team narrowly advanced to finals. "Quality shots are better than shots that allow opponents to simply attack," our beloved coach "Yi-Fan" reminded us. Team Mo Boll came in second place after winning this semi-finals match, earning $200 and a silver medal consisting of 0% silver but 100% skill. 

Thank you to Joanne and Danny for organizing the trip and transporting us around. And also thank you Red Bull for giving us wings. 




Manitoba Tournament Season Comes To A Close... Nationals Teams Selected, Canada Games Tryouts Held, and $2,000 Prize Monies Distributed 


The Canadian Junior Championships will be contested this coming July 5th-8th at My Table Tennis Club in Mississauga and it will be followed by the Senior Nationals July 8th-10th.  Unfortunately, this venue is very small and because of this the events that will be contested are very limited.  Because of this, we are sending limited teams because there is not a lot of “pong for the buck”.  It is really too bad that after a similarly disappointing Nationals held in the fall of 2021, that Table Tennis Canada could not have come up with a better event for the players of Canada.  Things have been slow during the covid years and as far as this writer is concerned, there is no excuse for not hosting a comprehensive Nationals…however, responsibility for the Canadian Championships rests with the Provinces and Territories of Canada so perhaps we have no one other too blame than ourselves for not being more pro-active.


Manitoba’s Teams:  The following players and coaching staff have been named to represent Manitoba: (Note:  Players must be Canadian Citizen’s or Landed immigrants in order to play at the Nationals).

Senior Nationals 

Coach Arvin Tronco, players Gordon Chow, Yi Fan Lu, Matthew Lehmann, Takeo Gagro.

Junior Nationals:

Coaching/ Management/ Chaperone:  Head Coach Arvin Tronco, Terry Zhang, Yi Fan Lu, Phuong Nguyen.

Boys 19:  Takeo Gagro, Charles Belches.

Boys 15:  Ho Sum Chong, Didie Joyal.

Boys 13:  Owen Hu, Ethan Ouyang.

Girls 15:  Grace Qi, Samantha Belches.

Girls 13:   Alexus & Victoria Lee.


Congratulations to all of these players plus Benji Dueck, Joel Geake and Jeremy Huang who were also selected but cannot participate.


Manitoba held the first of three Canada Winter Games tryouts on Saturday April 16th.  In girls play, Grace Qi bested Victoria Lee to claim top spot and Altona’s Samantha Belches took third over Victoria’s sister Alexus.  The boy’s play was even tighter with 3 boys ending with an identical 4 wins to 1 loss record in the final round-robin of 6 players.  To make things even more exciting, all the matches were won by scores of 3 games to 1.  This meant that the Referee’s had to decide the top spots by the ratio of points won and lost between the three players.  Based on this, Morden’s Joel Geake took first, Altona’s Charles Belches second and Winnipeg’s Jeremy Huang third.  There will be another two tryouts next fall tentatively scheduled for October 1st and November 5th.  One boy and one girl will be selected to Manitoba’s team based on the results of these three trials.  The second boy and girl selected are according to the “Coaches’ Pick.”  Complete results are linked at the right under the 2021-2022 Season Results section.



Saturday April 16th also saw the top 8 players from the “Pro-Singles” and “Active 4 Life/ > 40 Years” standings invited to contest the finals.  In the “Pro” Singles event, heading into Saturday, only 10 points separated leader Gordon Chow from challenger Juan Tagle Jr.  The final did not disappoint with Gordon coming out on top at the end of a seven game marathon.  For his efforts, Gordon took home $400 prize monies and Junny $225.  In the Active 4 Life event, just as it was all season, Junny was absolutely unbeatable.  In the final he easily bested 2016 >50 Years Canadian Champion Michal Rybak in straight sets taking home another $150.  The last title to be decided, was settled between Benji Dueck and Joel Geake of Morden.  Benji had sat out the Canada Games tryouts because he knew that it would conflict with his University studies next year, however, with some cash sitting on the table, he knocked off not only Joel but Takeo Gagro as well to claim top spot for the Junior Circuit.  Final standings are tabulated at the link to the right and everyone train hard for next season…we hope to be back into a much larger facility with more events to contest etc.

Ron Edwards Reporting


Lee Girls & Matthew Lehmann Server Up On The Big Stage

TEAM 2028/ 2032 OLYMPICS:  This past April 22nd – 24th Table Tennis Canada hosted a “talent-ID” type tournament in order to scout Canadian players for long-term participation leading towards the 2028 and 2032 Olympic Games.  Manitoba was represented by sisters Alexus and Victoria who were accompanied by Head Coach Tronco and their mother Joanne Zhang in a managerial/ chaperoning capacity.  The girls did not disappoint.  Victoria finished second in the under 13 girls’ event whereas Alexus captured the gold in her under 11 years event.  Alexus had this to say about her experience:

The selection tournament was a very fun and exciting experience. I got to play kids that are in my age category from other provinces also under the age of 13, I was happy with most of my performances and results. It was a very bright and spacious venue which I enjoyed playing in. Since there was just the two of us that competed and no other Manitoba kids to cheer us on coach Arvin was very supportive and cheered very loudly and I loved it. Without Arvin’s cheering and guidance, I would not have been able to come back 0-2 and win the match in the end, that was the most memorable match for me! I think I could have won a couple more matches if I did not make some silly mistakes and being impatient. My favorite part of this tournament was receiving the medals, they are the biggest medals I’ve gotten so far. After this tournament I want to train harder to get better results at Nationals. I can’t wait for July!! Sky is the limit!! “

A full Table Tennis Canada report is linked here:         TARGET GROUP – MEDALISTS - Table Tennis Canada (        and another article/ link here:  Next Gen Table Tennis Players make their mark in Boucherville - Table Tennis Canada (

COMMONWEALTH GAMES TRYOUTS:  My Table Tennis Club in Mississauga was the site for the hosting of a selection tournament to name Canada’s Men’s and Woman’s teams for the Commonwealth Games this summer in Birmingham, England.  Manitoba’s top player Matthew Lehmann prepared for this event by training in the Toronto area beforehand and was ready to go when it began.  At the tryouts, Matthew finished finished 5th.  As such, Matthew was named as the first alternate for this team as the top 4 finishers were named.   Full event details can be found linked here:  Eugene Wang and Gina Fu Win 2022 Commonwealth Games Trials in Table Tennis - Table Tennis Canada (

Ron Edwards Reporting


Alberta Cup 2022

The Alberta Cup Table Tennis Tournament held on March 12-13 at Cyclone Table Tennis Club in Edmonton was a successful event with at least 50 participants taking part and trying their skills to win the ultimate prize of being crowned as the Champion. The Manitoba Team sent two teams consisting of 3 boys and 3 girls: Takeo Gagro, Ho Sum Chong, Didie Joyal, Grace Qi, Victoria Lee and Alexus Lee. The tournament is very challenging since it provides an opportunity for players of all ages and abilities to test their skills.  Everyone gets a chance to win their respective age/gender event (U19, U15, U13 and U11) and rating events (<800, 1800).  There were also the championship events: Open Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, 2-Player Team Event and Open Team Event 3 players.

The Girls Team dominated their age event. Grace Qi was crowned the champion in both the U19 and U15 Girls events. Victoria Lee finished with Gold at U13 and Silver in the U15 girls’ event while Alexus Lee also won the Gold in the U11 and silver in the U13 Girls event. The boys team also did well even though it was a tough competition for them…still they never backed down and they showed their opponents the best version of themselves.  Also, Ho Sum Chong and Alexus Lee finished with Bronze in the Open Mixed Doubles event.

In the end everyone felt like a winner. I’m sure that everyone is satisfied for all the experience that they gained in this tournament. I would like to thank the Cyclone Table Tennis Club for the opportunity to set up joint training on the Friday before the tournament started.  Our Manitoba team got a chance to spar and train with Coach Henberd and the visiting Chinese players. 

Tournament Highlights link:

Coach Tronco reporting…..


Table is set for 2023 Canada Winter Games Tryout and Tournament of Champions

The 2022 Manitoba Open Championships were held Saturday March 19th at Cornerstone Alliance Church.  With Covid restrictions lifted, there was a great turnout!  However, the results stayed true to form as per past events.  Morden’s Joel Geake bested his friend Benji Dueck to claim his second straight Junior Singles title…Benji has the other two meaning that the Morden juniors have been kicking Winnipeg butt all season!  In Active 4 Life Action, Juan Tagle Jr. won his fourth straight title.  This time his victim was Michal Rybak who was playing in his first tournament of the 21/22 season.  In the B Singles category, former leader Victoria Lee was unable to play…because her rating has improved so much…her sister Alexus was top seed, but she was bested in preliminary group play by newcomer Huu Nguyen Nguyen who went on to win the event defeating Didie Joyal in the final.  In the Pro-Open event, the ever cagey and tricky veteran Junny Tagle again mashed up multiple players…including former top Manitoba Junior Jeremy Tran who had no answers for his tricky spins.  However, in the final, Junny finally met his match in Yi Fan Lu who played a smart controlled game to win in four straight sets.  Congratulations to all medalists in all categories.  Complete results and the overall CIRCUIT STANDINGS can be found linked to the right.

The final event of the season will be hosted on April 16th.  Invited to compete are the top 8 players in the Pro-Open standings and the top 9 (players tied for positions 8th-9th) in the Active 4 Life/ >40 Years event.

2023 CANADA WINTER GAMES TRYOUTS #1:  Three selection events will be held as part of the process to select Manitoba’s team of 2 boys and 2 girls for the February 2023 Canada Winter Games.  The first boy and girl selected will be based upon the results of this tryout plus two more to follow next fall.  The second boy and girl selected are “coaches picks.”  (Refer to Provincial Team Squads Policy linked to the right).  Invitations have been sent to all known active players.  If you wish to try-out for the Canada Winter Games team please contact Head Coach Arvin Tronco at or Executive Director Ron Edwards at

Ron Edwards Reporting


Juan Tagle Jr. is the "Golden Boy"

Move over boxer Donny Lalonde, Juan Tagle Jr. is the new “Golden Boy.”  This past Saturday February 19th at Cornerstone Alliance Church, Tagle won gold in each of his two events at the M.T.T.A.’s third tournament of the season, the “Golden Boy Open.”  In the Active 4 Life/ >40 Yrs. Event, Tagle bested fellow Winnipeg Filipino Ping Pong Group player Marcos Sioson in 4 sets to capture his third straight >40 title.  Next up in Tagle’s sights was the “Pro-Open” Singles where victory had eluded him so far this season.  He bested two-time champion Gordon Chow in the semi’s and then faced newcomer, junior player Charles Belches from Altona.  No contest, Junny won in three straight sets.  Charles had bested Carlos Cuadra of the “Crusty Bun” team in the second semi-final.

Charles and his sister Samantha were playing in their first Canadian tournament after having not played in over two years.  Samantha took the B Sgls. 2nd division title defeating Yat Hei Chong from the Cornerstone club in four games.  Victoria Lee took home the B Sgls. 1st  division crown defeating Charles in the final. 

Joel Geake of Morden-after knocking off his good buddy Benji Dueck in the semi’s- defeated Winnipeg’s Takeo Gagro to capture the Junior A Singles title.

Referee’s Darek Mikita and greg Dzioba controlled the tournament action and thanks to the umpires who were out in force now that restrictions are easing. 

The next event is the Manitoba Open to be contested on Saturday March 19th.

Complete Tournament Circuit Standings can be found to the right…over $2,000 in prize monies to be had.

Ron Edwards Reporting


STOP THE PRESSES ... 2022 Canadian Championships Awarded to Greater Toronto Area July 5-10, 2022.....


Table Tennis Canada Re-Work Coach Development Model

Canada – including Manitoba - desperately needs more players, parents and others to become trained to teach table tennis.  This could be in community centres, schools or in private sport clubs.  Simply put, table tennis is behind a lot of other sports in ensuring that players of all ages are taught by certified coaches.  Table Tennis Canada have worked with the Coaching Association of Canada and have re-vamped the three main levels of courses to try and ensure that more coaches become trained.  A link to the “Coach Development Plan” is attached here and is also linked to the left under “Coach Development”.  The fourth level is for extreme high performance table tennis and is currently under evaluation as well.
In simple terms, the first three levels are as follows:

1.  Community Sport:  This level is designed to teach people how to coach players of all ages in schools, community centres, seniors centres, recreational sport clubs etc.  This level focuses on teaching the basics of table tennis to all.

2.  Introduction to Competition:  This level is designed to teach people how to coach players of all ages who have decided that they “like table tennis and want to get good at it.”  These could be players in schools, community centers, sport clubs, table tennis clubs etc. This level really starts to focus on teaching all the parameters that a player needs to know in order to improve their game and perhaps want to start to compete to see how good they are. In several years, in order to coach at sanctioned tournaments in Canada, all coaches must be certified at this level.  This mandate is being pushed by the Coaching Association of Canada.

3.  Competition Development:  This level of training is designed for coaches so that they can really start to train players as they move into higher levels of play such as representing their Province in competitions and leagues or playing in university games and leagues etc.  Within the next couple of years, all coaches who coach at the Canadian Championships must be certified at the Competition Development level.  Currently, anyone who wishes to coach at the Canada Games, must be certified at this level.

Upcoming Table Tennis Canada Courses: (N.C.C.P. Certification Courses)
*Registration information still forthcoming from Table Tennis Canada*

• Introduction To Competition:  March 2, 9, 16, Theory Modules, virtually, 6-9 pm ET.  March 19/20 Practical Components, virtually/blended, 6-9 pm ET.
• Community Sport Course:  April 22, 1-4pm ET.
• Community Sport Course:  May 20, 6-9pm ET.
• Community Sport Course:  June 11, 1-4pm ET.
• Competition Development:  June 29 & July 6, 13th, 6-9pm ET virtually, Theory Modules.   ET virtually & July 16-17th, 6-9 pm ET, Practical Components, virtually/blended learning.
• Community Sport Course:  August 12, 1-4pm ET.
• Community Sport Course:  September 10, 1-4pm ET.
• Introduction To Competition:  October 5, 12, 19, Theory Modules, 6-9pm ET virtually.  October 22-23 Practical Components, virtually/blended, 6-9 pm ET.
• Community Sport Course:  November 4, 6-9pm ET.
• Competition Development:  November 30, December 7 & 14, 6-9pm ET virtually, Theory Modules. December 17-18, 6-9 pm ET, Practical Components, virtual/blended learning.

More information will be posted when it becomes available…if you are interested, contact Ron or Arvin ASAP and we will co-ordinate with Table Tennis Canada…or check out their Coach Development Newsletter at

Other Free Upcoming Courses and Seminars Being Hosted by Table Tennis Canada
*Registration is open for these courses, *

•    February 9 – Engaging Girls 9-15
•    March 23 – Advanced techniques 1
•    April 6 – Senior Table Tennis
•    May 11 – Service & Receive 1
•    June 8 – Women in Table Tennis
•    July 20 – Advanced techniques 2
•    August 10 – High Performance
•    September 14 – Service & Receive 2
•    October 26 – School/Recreation Table Tennis
•    November 9 – Advanced techniques 3
•    December 21 – Service & Receive 3

*These courses count for “Professional Development Points” which is another thing being pushed by the Coaching Association of Canada*

MORE INFORMATION:  Ron Edwards, 204-925-5690b


Chow Defends His Title!

The second tournament of the M.T.T.A. season was contested on Saturday December 18th.  The event was again hosted at Cornerstone Alliance Church because amateur sport groups are still not allowed to rent out schools due to the continuing situation with regards to Covid-19.  Accordingly, unlike years prior when we had access to way more tables because of larger gyms, we again limited each event to the first 18 players who registered; 6 tables, 6 pools of three with all players advancing to the quarter finals in three divisions of play, A, B, and C depending upon where they finished in their preliminary pool.  We followed Provincial guidelines and screened players and parents upon entry, made sure people we social distancing with masks worn and ensured that when playing (without masks) that players remain by and large separated so there were no “close contacts.”  So far, so good, two successful tournaments completed!

With M.T.T.A. #1 Matthew Lehmann still training in the United States, #2 Terry “Tian” Zhang now focusing on coaching and running a couple of businesses, and the “disappearance” of Biruk Bekele?...where is Biruk?, this left the door wide open again…anyone could win…or could they?
When the Pro event was done, Gordon Chow was again victorious!  In the semi he bested the ever-improving Benji Dueck from Morden in straight sets.  In the final, he faced Takeo Gagro who defeated always dangerous Juan Tagle Jr. in the other semi.  The final match was SPECTACULAR!  Gordon got by Takeo in 7 games but it could really have gone either way.  Some of the defensive retrieves made by Takeo were unreal but Gordon stood steady like an Oak Tree and was unfazed by Takeo’s brilliance!

Junny won the over 40/ Active 4 Life event, besting Czar Caguoia in the final.  Perennial favorite Jerzy Kusal was knocked out in one semi by Junny.

Benji - for the second tournament in a row - beat Takeo in the final of the Junior <19 Year’s singles event cementing his lead in the U19 Circuit Standings.  

All in all, there are too many results and matches to fully report on.  The level of play of the young kids continues to rise and I predict that the U13/ U15 gangs will be knocking off the U19’s in the near future on a regular basis!

Compete results can be found at the link to the right as well as the overall standings that have been updated.

Ron Edwards Reporting


Annual Meeting of Members and Long-Time Service Awards

The M.T.T.A. held our 2021 annual meeting of members this past December 2nd.  Due to Covid, we again held our meeting via zoom and eventually everyone figured out how to use the chat function, the mic mute button etc.  Anyway, we had an excellent turnout.

Long-time M.T.T.A. President Darek Mikita finally “retired”.  Darek has been our President multiple years over the past three decades.  Darek was instrumental in bringing the 2016 Canadian Championships to Winnipeg and he was hoping to step-down after that.  However, as we all know, table tennis is infectious and so he stayed involved until we had some new Executive options…dedicated volunteers are hard to find!   Darek will remain on the Executive as immediate Past-President to guide newly elected President Gregory Chan.  Also stepping down from the Executive after a solid decade of dedicated involvement was VP Administration Royle Derbitsky.  Like Darek, Royle hopes to remain involved as a member of the Officials Development Committee.  Greg Dzioba remains as Vice President and along with Gregory Chan, was awarded Honorary Life Membership in recognition of his decade’s long involvement with the M.T.T.A.  Greg and Gregory are only the 9th and 10th members ever to receive this award, and the M.T.T.A. began back in the 1950’s!

Rounding out the seven-person leadership team are Phuong Nguyen, Junny Tagle Jr., Matthew Lehmann and Andreas Ingenfeld.

Also stepping down from the M.T.T.A. was Ha Nguyen who has been a fixture in the M.T.T.A. for the last 10-15 years. Ha first got involved playing with a very young daughter Phuong and husband Hung out of the Winakwa Club that was run by Andy Bachmann.  Myong Lee also had to step down for personal reasons from the Executive.  Myong has served as Secretary of the M.T.T.A. for the past several years after first getting involved with the Junior Development Program that was based out of Darwin School.  Myong hopes to remain involved with Coach Tronco as he prepares our players long-term for events such as the 2023 Canada Winter Games.

Matthew Lehmann is a member of Table Tennis Canada’s Athlete Development Committee and he will be a good liaison for Manitoba players.  Juan Tagle Jr., also known as “Junny”, was the Technical Director of the Philippines Table Tennis Association and so brings more technical knowledge to the Executive of the M.T.T.A. both in the fields of athlete and officials development. Andreas Ingenfeld, is currently one of the M.T.T.A.’s most active “Gym-Rats” and can be found regularly at the Prairie Badminton club as well as the Winnipeg Table Tennis Centre.  Andreas brings a wealth of experience to the M.T.T.A. in the fields of both finance and marketing…plus he makes some darn good “Crusty Buns” that he often delivers to the officials teams running our Circuit Tournaments.

Ron Edwards Reporting


Manitoba Closed Tournament Results/Covid Update/Red River Open December 18th

After a long hiatus (Feb. 2020), we finally returned to tournament play in Manitoba.  The Manitoba Closed Championships ran this past Saturday November 20th at Cornerstone Alliance Church.  The entry was not large-only 24 players-but the action was fierce!  The referee tandem of Gregory & Francesca Chan had a good set of draws for the players.  When the last point was counted, your new Manitoba Champion is Gordon Chow.  He defeated Morden’s Benji Dueck in a hard fought final.  Gordon is a past Manitoba Provincial Junior team player who now just plays for fun out of the Winnipeg Table Tennis Centre.  Benji defeated Takeo Gagro in a tight five setter to capture the U19 A Division title.  Takeo I think, played more points than anyone on Saturday!  He was involved in a couple of EPIC battles against Juan Tagle Jr. who plays with the WFPPG.  The first was in the Pro group stage and they then met again in the bronze medal match where Junny prevailed.  Junny is a very tricky and smart player with outstanding “end-segment” movement.  His unpredictable balls bounced this way and that driving some to near madness.  Takeo’s long pips without sponge served him well though and he won this writer’s “hardest working player” award.  Another excellent match to watch took place between sisters Victoria and Alexus Lee.  These two girls have really improved and many a player bowed out to them.

Complete results can be found linked to the right and the entry form for our next event-the RED RIVER OPEN (Dec. 18th)- is linked to the left.  Remember to enter early as all events are capped at the first 18 players to register complete with payment.


Up until December 5th, players under the age of 18 have not had to show proof of vaccination, they have been allowed to play indoor sports without wearing masks, without being vaccinated etc.  However, commencing December 6th, all players aged 12 to 17 must show proof of having received at least one shot of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or show proof of a negative covid test result within the previous 72 hours.  So, as of Monday the 6th, those are the rules governing access to the gyms.  When in the gym, kids and adults must wear masks except when playing when they can be removed.  These are just the “Coles Notes” highlights. Full regulations, as always since Covid began, can be found within the Provincial Government’s most recent set of orders under the Public Health Act, November 12th.

Ron Edwards Reporting, hope to see everyone out for the Red River Open on December 18th.


Annual Meeting of Members

Hello everyone, due to facility availability issues due to Covid and the hosting of the Canadian Championships at the end of September, we are a little delayed in the hosting of our Annual General Meeting.  The meeting will be held this coming Thursday December 2nd at 7 pm via Zoom.  For those of you who are members, invitations will be sent out via email very shortly.  For players whom we do not have an email, you invitation will be paper mailed out.

Manitoba Closed Championships

Our first event is coming up this November 20th.  Spots in all 4 events are capped at 18 players each, some are filling up fast!  Get your entry in ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Thank you.

Ron Edwards


M.T.T.A. Memberships, Manitoba Closed Championships and COVID:

Hello everyone, most M.T.T.A. and partner clubs and programs are now all up and running.  A list of programs and facilities can be found to the left at  Also, a warm welcome to our newest club-Grosse Isles and to Greg Johnson and Raul Bernales for getting stuff underway! The one program we have not yet been able to implement is the Winnipeg & District Super League. Unfortunately, none of the school divisions seem to be in a situation yet to grant amateur sport groups access.  If anyone has any facility/ location ideas for the League, please let me know…we were hoping for Prairie Badminton Centre on Friday nights but this time slot is booked.

MEMBERSHIPS:  A reminder that the new year commenced on August first and that membership fees are due for all players, coaches, officials etc.  The 2021-2022 membership form can be found to the left at


Manitoba Closed Championships November 20th - COVID Protocols

Hello all Manitoba players, the M.T.T.A. will host our first tournament since February 2020 this coming Saturday November 20th at Cornerstone Alliance Church; entry form can be found to the left.

The M.T.T.A. will be following the Province of Manitoba Public Health Regulations with regards to covid when we host this event.   What this means is as follows:

a). Fewer events, there will only be four events contested and each one will be completed within a certain block of time. These are: 1). 9-11:30 am, Junior Singles (born in 2002 or later), 2). 11:30-2:00 pm “B” Singles <700, 3). 2-4:30 pm Active 4 Life >40 (born in 1981 or later), 4). 4:30-7/8:00 pm “Pro” Sgls. >600 rating.

b). Each event will be capped at 18 players, first entries received and paid for will be accepted. Cornerstone has 6 tables, for each event, the 18 players will be split into 6 pools of three. The 6 group winners will advance to “A” divisions, the 6 seconds to “B” divisions and the 6 thirds to “C” divisions.  These will be knockout with prizes for first and second in all three divisions of the four events.  If fewer than 18 players for an event, then the format will be modified.

c).  The Cornerstone Church doors will be locked and access will be controlled.  All persons, players and parents age 18 and over must show proof of double vaccination.  This requirement does not exist for players under the age of 18. Persons who cannot show proof, will not be admitted and no refunds in entry fees will be issued.

d).  Players and parents for the Junior event will be admitted starting at 8:30 am. Players/ parents for successive events will only be admitted at the conclusion of the prior event and upon these players having departed the church…targeted entry times of 11:30/ 2 pm and 4:30 pm. 

e).  Only players and tournament officials will be allowed into the gym.  Parents will be permitted to wait in the foyer but we are encouraging parents to drop their kids off and then to pick them up at the designated finish times.

f).  ALL PERSONS AT ALL TIMES MUST WEAR A MASK…EXCEPT WHEN PHYSICALLY PLAYING.  This goes for players, parents and tournament officials.

g).  We will have hand sanitizer for when entering the gym and also at the control desk in the gym for cleaning hands and balls.  Cornerstone also have a hand sanitizer station in the entrance foyer.

h).  Players will be umpiring their own matches and can store their kit-bags in opposite court corners.


If you have any questions, please call. Thank you.

Ron Edwards, Executive Director, M.T.T.A., 204-925-5690


Back to School and Back to Table Tennis: 

Hi everyone, well, here we are and still Covid is with us.  Despite this, we are now allowed to play.  Most facilities are open such as Prairie Badminton for table rentals, The Winnipeg Table Tennis Centre who offer all sorts of programming and of course the Winnipeg Filipino Ping Pong group that play out of the P.C.C.M. building on Keewatin.  M.T.T.A. programming starts this coming Wed. Sept. 22nd with the Active 4 Life Program from 7-9 pm starting up at Sport Manitoba.  Our junior and senior athlete training programs will start up the week of October 12th at Cornerstone Alliance Church and the W.T.T.T.C.

CURRENT COVID REGULATIONS:  Click here for the full sport update from Sport Manitoba.  In simple terms, in order to play, all players over the age of 18 must show Gov’t approved proof of double vaccinations before being admitted to a facility.  Once in the facility masks must be worn except when playing, i.e. when playing the mask can be off, but if waiting to play or moving in and out of the gym, masks must be worn.  Players under the age of 18 do not have to show proof of vaccination but the same mask regulations are in effect.

Complete tournament and program information will be posted to the top-left shortly…set-up has been tricky because none of the school divisions are allowing for after school permits nor will the City of Winnipeg partner with any sport group.

Stay safe but keep ponging!

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS REMEMBER TABLE TENNIS FOUNDER AND BLUE BOMBER “SUPER-FAN” ART WERIER:  Click here to read a great article on Mr. Art Werier, the man who not only was responsible for building up the M.T.T.A. but also helped create the lottery ticket system decades ago in order the help fund amateur sport.

MANITOBA UMPIRE SHINES AT TOKYO PARALYMPICS:  Manitoba have three umpires at the top level of the I.T.T.F. system.  These are M.T.T.A. President Darek Mikita, former Coach Gregory Chan and of course Mr. Greg Dzioba.  Greg was selected by the I.T.T.F. as Canada’s only umpire at the Paralympics in Tokyo.  Click here to read about Greg’s experience.  For the record, Darek has been selected to umpire at the World Championships in November in Texas and Francesca Chan will be representing us at the Pan Am Junior Championships in Columbia later this fall.  Darek, Gregory and Greg will also all be making the trip to Laval Quebec for the Canadian Championships Sept. 30-Oct. 3rd.

MANITOBA SELECTS TEAMS FOR THE CANADAIN CHAMPIONSHIPS:  The M.T.T.A. partnered with Terry Zhang and the Winnipeg Table Tennis Training Centre to deliver an intense training program in order to prepare athletes for the combined Senior and Junior Nationals.  Athletes trained throughout July and August and are still at the table now.  Try-outs were held in late July and when the dust settled, the following 11 athletes qualified:  Mens: Matthew Lehmann, B19: Benji Dueck (Morden), Joel Geake (Morden) and Jason Li.  G19:  Nibusha Loganathan, B15:  Didie Joyal and Samsong Chong.  G15:  Grace Qi and Sarah Dong.  G13: Alexus and Victoria Lee.  Terry Xu, who recently moved to B.C., will also be making the trip to play for Manitoba.  Coaching staff are:  Head Coach Arvin Tronco, Terry Zhang and Joanne Lee as female chaperone and manager.  Good luck to all players!



Table Tennis Summer Update

Covid-19 and table tennis?  

Well, to update the re-caps that we have been periodically posting and sending out to members since the pandemic began, table tennis was up and running for the period of March 5th to May 6th.  Mask wearing was mandatory and the Province also had group size restrictions in place etc.  The M.T.T.A. were running practices at Cornerstone Alliance Church every Thursday (6-9 pm) and Saturday (1-4 pm).  These practices were “open” to the first ten players to register for each session and they attracted about 15 regular players ranging from Active 4 Life adults up to Senior Provincial Team level-Matthew Lehmann.  Programs at the Winnipeg Table Tennis Centre, P.C.C.M. and Prairie Badminton Centre’s were also up and running.  All of this ground to a halt on May 7th when the Province shut everything down again.  This closure lasted until June 25th.  On the 26th June programming was allowed to return to facilities under the guidelines of the day.  The Prairie Badminton Centre re-opened for court rentals, the Winnipeg Table Tennis Centre opened up it’s programs and the M.T.T.A. began our training program for players hoping to represent Manitoba at the 2021 Canadian Championships at the end of September in Montreal; I believe P.C.C.M. has also resumed play? 18 players were invited to train under the auspices of Head Coach Tronco and Terry “Tian” Zhang of the W.T.T.C.  In the end, due to covid and other factors, only 14 players decided to try-out.  The final selection intra-squad round-robins are under way and the final teams will be named shortly.

2021 Canadian Table Tennis Championships:  Information, click on this link:  

This event will be held in Boucherville Quebec for four days from Sept. 30th to October 3rd.  Only singles will be contested for Men, Women, BU-19 years*, U-15 and U-13 years and also GU-19, 15 and 13.  The event is open to all players who are M.T.T.A. members and are Canadian Citizens or landed immigrants.  Players can enter a maximum of 2 events at $100 per event.  Players targeted by the M.T.T.A. are just wrapping up tryouts and preliminary training; an official team announcement will be made in the next couple of weeks.  If ANYONE ELSE WANTS TO PLAY AT THE CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS, please let the M.T.T.A. know.  All players must be M.T.T.A. registered and our deadline is September 1st!

*Note:  The age definition of “Junior” has changed from Under 18 to Under 19 years.  This was brought in by Table Tennis Canada to follow changes made by the I.T.T.F.

We are also allowed to send one umpire to these championships.


2023 & 2027 Canada Winter Games:  The age limit for the 2023 Canada Winter Games changed from U18 to U19 which means that all players born in 2004 or later are now eligible.  Each province is allowed to send 2 boys and 2 girls.  Intensive training for these athletes has been ongoing for the past couple of years built in and around covid…all eligible athletes have been invited to multiple programs starting in the fall of 2019 after the last Nationals and prior C.W.G.  …indeed the training continues right now with those training for the Nationals.  Once the Nationals teams are named, these players and other C.W.G. age eligible will be invited to train during August and September and these trainings will be ramped up in October with MANATORY PRACTICES AND SPORT SCIENCE SESSIONS on Saturdays; as well as the usual ongoing Squad, Hopefulls and Elite practices…refer to the posted 2020-2021 Provincial Teams Policy posted on the right side.


The I.T.T.F. & the M.T.T.A.

Paralympic Games:  Kudos to Manitoba Blue Badge Umpire Greg Dzioba who was selected for these Games in Tokyo August 24 to Sept. 5th.  If you would like to learn more about Greg, then you can click on this link to a T.T.C. article on Greg

2021 Pan Am Junior & Cadet Championships and Training Camp:  Congratulations to Grace Qi who was selected to the Canadian training camp and try-outs in August in Toronto to see who would go on to represent Canada.  Unfortunately, due to Covid Grace had to bow out.

I.T.T.F. “Hopes Around The Clock” Training & Competitions Program:  I am happy to announce that young Victoria Lee was selected by the High Performance Committee of Table Tennis Canada to participate in this program.  From Canada, 2 boys and 2 girls from age category U12 were selected and Victoria and her Coach Arvin Tronco do weekly online sessions with other young kids from over 40 countries around the world.  Later this fall, 20 boys and 20 girls from around the world will be invited to China in December to train and compete in the 2021 ITTF World Hopes Week & Challenge.  Good luck Victoria and Coach Tronco!

Coach “Papa x 2” Tronco:  Congratulations to Coach Tronco and his wife on the arrival of baby girl #2…the new players name is “Breanna”.  Hopefully his two girls won’t suffer the same fate as my two daughters…whom I totally scared away from Table Tennis…oh well, in another life I guess!

Doctor Of Table Tennis:  Congratulations to former Head Coach Milcho Uzunov in completing his PHD in table tennis!  Yes I kid you not! …it is now “Doctor Milcho Uzunov Table Tennis”.  Milcho regularly checks in with me to see how all his former players are doing…he has made his PHD paper available for those who would like to learn…click on this link….

Summer Table Tennis Camps:

Both Sport Manitoba and Prairie Badminton are holding “open registration” summer camps for kids wanting to learn our sport.  Coach’s Tronco, Phuong Nguyen, Juan Tagle Jr. and Yi Fan Lu are helping out.  The Winnipeg table Tennis Training Centre continues to offer ongoing programming as well-group lessons, private and semi-private lessons are all available.  Click on any of these PARTNER LINKS on the left of this article for more information.

“Yes, Let’s Go”!  Table Tennis Canada President (and former President of the I.T.T.F.) brought this to my attention…and it is great…just goes to show that you never know who is watching when you play… 


Stay safe everyone, I hope to see everyone in the gym this fall.


Ron Edwards
Executive Director



Table Tennis Canada recently conducted a draw for the 5 players nominated by each of the Provinces and Territories.  One player per province/ territory was drawn onto one of five teams each representing a colors of the Olympic rings; except white was replaced by black and this was so that the ball would be visible as players are expected to wear a shirt of the color of the team they represent.  The Manitoba matches will commence as soon as Covid-19 regulations allow for the resumption of match play and they will be live-streamed across Canada!  In the meantime, here are the teams.



Table Tennis Return to Play?  ... sort of ....

The following links provide some interesting reading and viewing on a variety of topics:

Hello all Manitoba “Ping-Pongers”…well, along we go with Covid…hopefully it is really starting to wind down?  Since the Code Red hit Manitoba back in early November, there has nevertheless been some table tennis activity in Manitoba as well as in multiple provinces who are all under different rules and regulations.  

The months of November, December and January, saw M.T.T.A. Head Coach Arvin Tronco again partner with Terry Zhang of the W.T.T.T.C. to bring athletes some Online Training.  Just as back in the spring, some athletes were excited and participated but others did not seem so interested and unfortunately chose not to participate.  Given the Covid-19 Code Red and the lack of allowed on-table play, the M.T.T.A. set-up and tried to provide these services for our junior players; it is part of our mandate to provide services like these.  This has continued into the month of February where we are now finishing up 5 online High Performance sessions covering Nutrition, Goal Setting, Strength & Conditioning and Mental Skills Sport Psychology.  These services were provided by Neil Prokop’s team at the Sport Manitoba Performance Centre.  These sessions were prepared for our Team 2023 Canada Winter Games squad athletes.

February 12th saw the easing of some regulations and table tennis was allowed to return to 1 on 1 coaching sessions with a 25% capacity rule.  This means that one coach can work with one athlete at a time but surprisingly under one coach is not allowed to work with two siblings?  Strange but true!  It is also not allowed for two people to be just playing table tennis, it must be a coach with an athlete working 1 on 1.  This change in rules is in effect up until March 5th and it has allowed the W.T.T.C. and Prairie Badminton Centres to reopen at 25% capacity for 1 on 1 lessons.  The M.T.T.A. start our 1 on 1 lessons for Canada Winter Games squad athletes on February 25th.

Coaching Manitoba have put out their list of spring COACH DEVELOPMENT COURSES, these are linked on the left side of our website.  The M.T.T.A. will subsidize course costs for coaches out actively working in our programming.

Manitoba NAME our NATIONAL LEAGUE PARTICIPANTS:  Manitoba was asked to select 5 athletes to participate in this new TABLE TENNIS CANADA initiative.  The athletes could be any age and any ability level, they just had to be either 2 boys and 3 girls (or vice versa) and be of roughly the same level.  The five Manitoba players selected were Grace Qi, Nibusha Loganathan, Victoria Lee, Terry Xu and Jason Li.  Table Tennis Canada will be conducting a live draw where these athletes will be drawn to one of five different teams, each team being made up of a player from each Province and Territory.


•Table Tennis Canada TRICK SHOT COMPETITION:  Table Tennis Canada started up a trick-shot competition…with CASH PRIZES!  In week 1 Alexus and Victoria Lee finished in the top five.  Matthew Lehmann has an entry in for week 2…and make sure you vote for Manitoba entries if they are your favorites!




Ron Edwards Reporting


Remembering George Damianov

Dear fellow players, coaches, officials, executive and committee members,

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have to report to you the passing of our former Head Coach George Damianov.  George started with us in the fall of 2002 and retired in the spring of 2012.  I know that George touched each and everyone of us with whom he dealt.  He was a superb table tennis coach yes, but he was far more than this!  He used table tennis as a medium to teach all of us about life, about values, work effort and how to treat each other.  George cared deeply about the well-being of all of his players over the decade that he was with us and beyond.  Indeed, in the words of his successor Milcho Uzunov, “He was the main reason I to be part of MTTA, from the beginning I worked with athletes who were built by Mr. Damianov, he was worried about their sport and personality developments.  He always helped me with advises for everything in coaching and life also.  George is always in my heart.”

There is a great reminder of George in the form of a super picture in the 5th floor hallway of Sport Manitoba of George coaching one of his students, Terry Zhang (B15) , at the 2007 Canada Winter Games where he won bronze and his team mate Frederick Eng (B18) also won bronze.

Rest in Peace George.
Ron Edwards

Tributes to George 

Photos of George

ITTF Swathling Club International Article


Online Training Sessions

Here is the the link to register for the MTTA & WTTC Table Tennis Online Training Lesson. R.S.V.P or so we can send you the Zoom Invites.

Thank you and Have a nice day everyone.

Coach Tronco


The Table Tennis Season So-Far: 2020-2021

Hello all players Coach Arvin here and I hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected.  Well, its 2021 and another year has passed and its already been 2 months since Winnipeg entered “Code Red” and I know most of you are wondering when can we get back in the gym to train and play? Unfortunately I don’t have any answers for that right now but that doesn’t mean we can’t be active and train safely at home as you all know the Manitoba Table Tennis Association and the Winnipeg Table Tennis Club joined forces to help our athletes stay active since last March with the first lock down and up until the Code Red startedin November.  Here is a short recap of all our activities for the fall.

We got the season underway early in August. We conducted 3 weeks of open gym practice for all players at Cornerstone Alliance Church was followed by a successful 1-week Table Tennis and Badminton Camp at Prairie Badminton Centre.  This followed a similar camp in July and between the two camps we got about 25 new players. We started our Block 1 (Fall) Training program on September 22nd at Cornerstone Alliance Church.  We ran lessons every Tuesday and Thursday nights for all levels of players, from new “Developmental” players up to experienced “Squad” athletes.  Active 4 Life/ Recreational players were also allowed to play.  About the same time, our Executive Director started to oversee practices every Wednesday night at the Sport Manitoba gym on Pacific Avenue.  This program was open for Active 4 Life play.  Meanwhile, Eric Hernandez and Irwin Raymundo had been continuing with the practices over at the P.C.C.M. on Keewatin but it was difficult to schedule exact hours due to Covid.  Back in early September, I also started to work with Terry Zhang of the W.T.T.C. with a new “Elite” program that featured private and semi-private lessons and was designed to target higher level juniors especially of the 2023 Canada Winter Games age-eligible athletes.  This program ran every Monday and Wednesday night and was coordinated by Terry and his Manager Poyz Riankamensakul.  We invited 12 players to train but because of the Covid situation only 6 Squad athletes signed up and Terry had to fill up the remaining spots with lower-level players.  Everything went well until the 2nd wave of COVID hit Manitoba and forced Winnipeg into the 2nd lock down at the start of November.  Accordingly, Coach Zhang and I decided to go back to our Online Table Tennis Training Program to help keep our athletes active with home training.  We started the free online table tennis lessons during the last week of November and we ran till December 24th. Every Tuesday and Thursday night we had at least 10-15 athletes participating in this online program.

Hopefully, we can go back to train and play in the gym soon but I still don’t have any updates on when can we get  go signal from our Government.  For the meantime,  the M.T.T.A. and W.T.T.C. will continue our Online Table Tennis Lesson’s starting the week of January12th.  It will continue until we are allowed to return to the gyms. Registration forms will be sent to you via email this week and will go out to all of our Junior Developmental, Hopefuls and Squad athletes.  We will also post info online if any others wish to participate.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all ofour Coaches for helping to train our athletes:  Matthew Lehmann for helping me run the free individual online training lessons last March till June 2020. A big thank you to Yifan Lu for helping me run the Cornerstone practices every Tuesday and Thursday night and also thank you to W.T.T.C. coaches Mr. Shaun Gou and Mr. Jason Tong for helping Coach Zhang and I run the Elite Training program every Monday and Wednesday nights. I hope you won’t get tired giving your spare time and sharing your talents for our younger generation of athletes. Happy New Year stay safe and stay healthy everyone…

…PS, Executive Director Ron Edwards wants me to mention that refund cheques will be mailed out for most programs in the next week or two.  He figured this was better than carrying monies forward considering the Covid uncertainty about being allowed to return to the gym plus he figured that post-Christmas everyone might prefer to have their monies back.

…PPS, Ron also wants me to mention that multiple schools have been renting our tables this fall for school table tennis gym classes:  West Kildonan Collegiate, Westwood Collegiate, Sturgeon Heights Collegiate and Stonewall centennial School and Oak Park High School will be renting early in this New Year.



The Leap from 2020 to 2021  
A message from Table Tennis Canada

You can read the message from Adham Sharara, President of Table Tennis Canada, here.


Winnipeg Enters Code Red
All Table Tennis Activities Cancelled Until At Least Tuesday November 17, 2020


Hello all Winnipeg Table Tennis players,  today the Province of Manitoba announced that Winnipeg goes into “Code Red” effective this coming Monday November 2nd.  This means that ALL TABLE TENNIS PROGRAMMING IS SUSPENDED UNTIL AT LEAST TUESDAY NOVEMBER 17TH.

Attached here is the bulletin from Sport Manitoba who on behalf of the Province of Manitoba mandate sport rules and regulations.

Everyone please try to continue to follow the basics:  hands wash/ 2 metres distancing/ stay home if sick/ mask use etc.


Thank you.

Ron Edwards
Executive Director


Sport COVID-19 Update:

The Table Tennis Season is up and running with all the activities happening as listed on our “Clubs, Programs and Places to Play” chart that is attached to the left.  Understandably, numbers have not been as high as years prior, however, we are carrying on as safely as we can for the benefit of our members.  Obviously, everyone has different feelings regarding Covid and people must follow their own believes vis a vis their own personal safety and whether they wish to participate or not.

Recently I have had some questions about Covid.  The M.T.T.A. follow the recommendations as passed down from the Province to Sport Manitoba.  Here are some quotes from a Sport Manitoba ZOOM meeting that I attended last week.  These reference sport and table tennis directly:

1.    “COVID-19 Update - Public Health Act
a. Reminder that masks are currently mandatory in all indoor facilities in Winnipeg Metro Region.

b. Gathering max is now 10 people indoors and outdoors.

c. As of now, neither of the above applies to those actively engaging in athletic or fitness activities.

d. Wear a mask in the Sport Manitoba facility in all public areas, unless you’re participating in physical activity.
e. You have a responsibility as the Provincial Sport Organization to keep people safe and make responsible decisions for your members.

f. Public Health Order #23: ■ A person who enters or remains in an indoor public place must wear a mask in a manner that covers their mouth, nose and chin without gapping. Subsections do not apply in respect of the following: a child who is under five years of age a person who needs to temporarily remove their mask while in the indoor public place for the purpose of actively engaging in an athletic or fitness activity, including water-based activities or acting as a lifeguard.”

2.    Questions from Sport Partners: (Asked by myself)

“Back to the ten person issue, if I had a gym with 6 ping pong tables, supposedly I am allowed to have 12 players out on the tables, can I have players waiting sitting on a stage, separated, with masks on, waiting to play?"
Answer: "The maximum 10-person gathering does not currently apply to sport, so yes you can have 12 players out on the tables. Yes you can have players waiting sitting on a stage, separated, with masks on, waiting to play. Anyone not actively engaged in playing the sport should be wearing a mask, but once they are actively participating, they do not need to wear one.”

OCTOBER 27TH ANNUAL MEETING OF MEMBERS…by ZOOM.  Please confirm your attendance by sending an email to or

Thank you.
Ron Edwards
Executive Director, M.T.T.A.


Notice of 2020 Annual Meeting of Members 
Tuesday October 27th
via ZOOM

Hello all Active and Honorary Members from our 2019-2020 season.  Attached here is information on our A.G.M. that we will be hosting electronically via “ZOOM”.  Please email your intent to participate back to the M.T.T.A. so that we can invite you and send the various documents.   You can download the following documents:




Please RSVP to or

Thank you.

President Darek Mikita


Active 4 Life Programming and Lesson Start 
Tuesday September 22nd

Cornerstone Alliance Church and Sport Manitoba facilities start their table tennis activities this Tuesday September 22nd.  Click on the “CLUBS, PROGRAMS & PLACES TO PLAY” link to the left to get full program information and click on the “PROGRAMS SIGN-UP FORM” to see how much the programs cost.  Please remember to return your Membership Form and Covid release forms as well; also linked on the left.

Thank you.

Ron Edwards, Executive Director, M.T.T.A.


Provincial Competitions Set To Go:

Hello all Manitoba Table Tennis players, attached to the left of this article, via the underlined blue links, are entry forms for the first four M.T.T.A. tournaments as well as for the $500 Winnipeg & District Super League and a Manitoba Circuit overview that features a total of $2,100 in prize monies.  Obviously, like in the rest of our lives, Covid-19 has had an impact on table tennis.  Firstly, the Province dictated that there will be no school use permits issued.  This meant that Daniel MacIntrye could not be used for our activities.  So, the Friday night Winnipeg & District Table Tennis League-with the usual $500 in prize monies up for grabs-will instead be hosted at the Prairie Badminton Centre commencing on November 6th.  Due to increased facility use costs, we had to increase the entry fees and have capped initial registrations at 30 players; first 30 players who submit their membership fee and form, league fee and form as well as the Covid Release form will be registered in the league…complete details are attached on the League form to the left.

$2,100 Manitoba Tournament Circuit:  The M.T.T.A. will attempt to host our normal slate of five tournaments.  The venue will move to Cornerstone Alliance Church which is smaller than Daniel MacIntrye and so has a capacity of only 6 tables instead of the usual 12.  Because of this, only four events will be contested this season at each of the five tournaments.  These are “Pro” Singles (>600 rating), Active 4 Life/ >40 Years Singles, “B” Singles (<700 rating) and Junior Singles (Boys and Girls combined).  Each event has an allotted timeslot for play with only these 18* players plus tournament officials allowed in the gym.  *Each event will be capped at the first 18 players to submit their entry fee, entry form and Covid release form.  For each of the four events, the 18 players would be pooled into 6 groups of 3.  The 6 winners advance to Division 1, the 6 seconds to the Division 2 and the thirds to Division 3.  Prizes will be awarded to first and second in all events and all divisions and we have added some cash to the Junior and Singles events.  However, the Covid situation seems to be remain in an ever fluctuating state and so last minute tournament cancellations could be a reality….

Frontier Games & Frontier High School Games:  For those of you living North, East and West of Winnipeg in the Frontier School Division, these Games will occur this season but in a differing format.  F.S.D. officials will be working with the M.T.T.A. to establish a system whereby locally kids can play and have their local results count towards Divisional overall results.  More to follow….

Table Tennis Canada:  Table Tennis Canada are also reacting to Covid-19.  They are hopeful that the Canadian Senior and Junior Championships will happen next July 2021 plus new events and partnerships with the I.T.T.F. such as their Hopes program.  There also might be a new National League started up, with multiple teams of 13 players, each team would have 1 player from each province/ territory on the team.  Then in each Province or Territory, these players play off against each other and earn points for their team…more to follow….

Other season start-up forms are posted to the top-left corner of this page.

Ron Edwards Reporting


Remembering Art Werier

his past Friday August 21st, the grandfather of Table Tennis in Manitoba passed away, Art Werier.  Here I would like to pass on some comments from another two table tennis icons that knew him for many years, Mr. Adham Sharara and Mr. Boris Rainer.  Art’s obituary is linked below through the Sport Manitoba Hall of Fame remembrance article posted below.

Firstly, I would like to say that I myself first met Art Werier back in the summer of 1986 when he interviewed me in Ottawa for the position of Technical Director of the Manitoba Table Tennis Association.  I was hired, then lived in Art’s basement for a period of 3-4 weeks before I spent another 6 or so years living in one of his rental units on Arbuthnot Street where we also happened to conveniently store a dozen or more M.T.T.A. tables.  In the early years, Art along with Dr. Stan Szajkowski, were my business mentors at the M.T.T.A.  Art remained on as the Senior Men’s Team Coach for another half dozen years or so while I took over the reins of Manitoba’s Junior Teams. Art indeed had his hands full!  He was used to having corps of dedicated high-level players such as Brian Zembik, Charlie Chow and of course Boris Rainer.  But then as the 80’s closed, we had a group of 8-10 really competitive senior male players who by-and-large did not get along very well!   They did not really want to train with each other, they were of roughly the same level but they preferred to just play matches to try and prove they were better than each other.  Art meanwhile was trying to build cohesive Provincial “Teams” to represent us on the National stage.  Because of their antics we made the newspaper sport headlines a couple of times.  Through it all, Art was calmly leading the Executive and managing the chaos as I tried to learn from it all as best I could.  Over the ensuing decades, Art and I remained in touch by phone and periodic house visits and of course multiple Blue Bomber
games for which he had season tickets.  Like Boris, I will miss dearly Art’s annual birthday wishes.

Boris Rainer Remembers:
I met Art back in 1971 just before my very first Table Tennis tournament in Canada.  He took me under his wing and coached me through countless tournaments both locally and nationally. 

Art had this extraordinary ability to motivate and to make you want to play even better than you did before.  Even after a loss he never got mad, but he would always point out the good parts of your game.  Later on, he became my doubles partner and together we won many titles.  

Once he stopped playing Table Tennis we stayed in touch.  Art never forgot my birthday, he would call me from wherever he was in the world and wish me happy birthday; Art I will dearly miss those calls.

In conclusion I would like to say that Art was a kind and thoughtful person and he will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him.

Rest in peace Art.
Your friend Boris
(Editor’s note:  Boris Rainer represented Manitoba for over two decades on the National stage and was the hardest fighting athlete our province has ever produced).

Adham Sharara Remembers:
I have very fond memories of Art Werrier, he was a “raconteur par excellence” and a man who lived life to the fullest. He was a long-time Vice president of the Canadian Table Tennis Association (now TTCAN) as well as a member of the ITTF‘s Management Committee in the early 1970s as the North American representative.
I had the privilege to meet Art when I was a player representing Quebec at the national championships. I also attended many meetings with him at the national level and was privileged to be driven in his 5-speed sports car. In the 1970s to have a 5-speed sports car was unique and very special.

I also had the honour to travel with Art internationally and even shared a hotel room with him on several occasions. I did not learn how to have a better forehand from Art, however, I did learn a lot about national and international diplomacy as well as the ins and outs of running a provincial or national table tennis association. He also taught me the rhumba, but that is another matter.
Mariann (Domonkos) joins me to send our deepest heart-felt condolences to Art’s family, and I know that Art will always remain with us as long as we keep him alive in our minds.
May his soul rest in peace.
Adham Sharara

(Editor’s note:  Adham Sharara was the long-time Executive Director of the Canadian Table Tennis Association and after that served as the President of the International Table Tennis Federation from 1999 to 2014.  Adham is currently the President of Table Tennis Canada).

Please see the Sport Manitoba Hall of Fame post here.


Fall 2020 Table Tennis Start-up

Well, as the start of the school year draws near and the lovely-great-weather summer with “Covidness” attached to it draws to an end, that means the start of the 2020-2021 table tennis season is upon us.    To see all the details of the 2020 Fall Start-up click here.


8 Weeks of Free Online Home Training for MTTA Squad, Hopefulls and Junior Development Athletes

The Covid-19 pandemic meant that most of our training facilities closed in early to mid-March.  With both the gyms and kids’ school classes all closed, some parents working, some parents not working, the M.T.T.A. thought it would be helpful to try and set-up some online practice sessions for those players who have a table at home and either a robot and/ or siblings to play against.  Head Coach Tronco invited athletes from our Squads, Hopefuls and Junior Development groups to have private online video practices with himself and senior international athlete Matthew Lehmann supervising and offering coaching tips. The online Home Training started on April 13th and ended on June 11th when the M.T.T.A.’s “Return to Play” plan was government approved.

In all, fifteen different athletes participated.  Via Zoom and Facetime, each athlete was given the chance to train twice per week for one hour each session.  Matthew and Arvin watched the athletes and helped them improve their footwork, technique, and overall game. Matthew ran some extra footwork sessions that did not require a table for the some of the athletes as well and also made a couple technique videos to assist the athletes.

Matthew and Arvin were impressed that the athletes were still able to work hard and improve during this unique time.

Ron Edwards reporting for Head Coach Tronco


Summer Table Tennis For All At Cornerstone 
... Regsistration Limited!

Hello all Manitoba “Ping-Pongers”, I trust everyone is doing well. Normally in the summer the M.T.T.A. does not offer much programming other than Junior Developmental camps. However, due to Covid-19 there has not been a lot happening the last several months. Because of this, WE WOULD LIKE TO OFFER PRACTICE OPPORTUNITIES TO ALL OF OUR MEMBERS. Starting in July, at Cornerstone Church, we will offer three practice sessions a week overseen by Head Coach Tronco. Sessions will run Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 2-5 pm. The cost is $7 per junior per practice and $10 per adult per practice.  PLAYERS CAN REFER TO THE ATTACHED SCHEDULE AND BOOK/ BLOCK OFF SPOTS THEY WANT. Capacity is eight (8) players per day, there are no drop-ins... all players must be booked/ registered in advance.  Players can co-ordinate with their buddies etc. COACH TRONCO WILL WORK WITH ALL PLAYERS. The M.T.T.A. Covid protocols will be followed.

As we are not sure of the demand for summer table tennis - (holidays plus Covid) - we will do a two week trial for July. If we don’t get enough advance registrations, the program will be cancelled. TO BOOK YOUR SLOTS, PLEASE CONTACT HEAD COACH TRONCO AT EMAIL VOYZ_TRU_MYX@YAHOO.COM.PH OR CELL 204-290-5547.   Practices for all Junior Players count towards Squad activities.

Once players have reserved spots, there are no refunds unless 24 hours notice provided, this will allow for another player to be invited.

Thank you,
Ron Edwards
E.D. , M.T.T.A.


Prairie Badminton
Badminton + Table Tennis Camps

Prairie Badminton will be offering a series of Badminton summer camps and that two of these week-long camps will be combined with table tennis. The combined camps run July 20-24 and August 24-28. The camps will be run out of Prairie Badminton’s state-of-art training and competitions facility.  Justin Friesen, Provincial Team Head Coach for the Manitoba Badminton Association and M.T.T.A’s Head Coach Arvin Tronco are in charge of the action.



Vote for Matthew!

Manitoba's Matthew Lehmann will be one of thirty-two profressional table tennis players from around the world in the Dupuy Verdier Show Trickshot Tournament.  On Tuesday June 16 vote for Matthew's trick shot on Instragram.

Help Matthew get into the next round of competition!

To learn more check out the Table Tennis Canada article.


COVID-19 Update and 'Return to Play'

For the latest news on the Manitoba Table Tennis Associations's 'return to play' and how training and table tennis play will resume.

Additional COVID-19 information:


Matthew Lehmann and 'Terrific Tuesdays'

M.T.T.A. athlete Matthew Lehmann has been participating in 'Terrific Tuesdays' along with 50 high performance athletes in an initiative of the Canadian Sports Centre Manitoba.   Read the Winnipeg Sun article here.


2020 Platinum Tour Qatar Open with Manitoba's Greg Dzioba

See the Table Tennis Canada article about umpire Greg Dzioba in Qatar here.


2019 - 2020 Winnipeg Super League Winners Announced:

After only 14 weeks of play, the Winnipeg & District Super League came to a surprising end due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Although it’s been tough to completely stop our season and all of our league play and tournaments, things are looking up and hopefully table tennis can start up again soon. Congratulations to Juan Tagle Jr. for crushing it and winning the league by a landslide, with 30 wins and only 3 loses! What a nice change to have an older adult win the league for once. For his efforts, “Junny” took home the first place $250 cheque.  No surprise that Jeremy Huang finished second in the league winning $150 as he has been working very hard all season.  The real surprise though, is the Chong family. Yat Hei and Ho Sum Chong both finished in the top 10, with Yat Hei finishing third overall to win $50.  Looks like we might have some competition next season amongst the junior boys. Another surprise were Joyce Liu and Nibusha Loganathan finishing 4th and 5th overall taking home $30 and $20 respectively.  Great job girls, glad to have the girls growing stronger as well. Thanks to everyone for participating in the league this year and hopefully we can get a bigger crowd next season with a new potential change in the format.  Head Coach Tronco will be polling everyone over the summer with regards to interest for a new team-based league.  We could perhaps try the Corbillon Cup format of A-X B-Y, Dbls, A-Y, B-X.  So in each match, a team could use 2, 3 or 4 players.  We would try to have a couple of venues to choose from-maybe the W.T.T.T.C. in the south and either Daniel MacIntrye or Dufferin in the North and perhaps have two different time slots per week.  Players make their own teams of minimum three, maximum 4 players and choose which venue will be their home one.  Anyways, if you like the idea of a team based league, please contact Coach Tronco or Executive Director Ron Edwards.  FINAL LEAGUE STANDINGS are linked here.

Phuong Nguyen Reporting


Final 2019 - 2020 Manitoba Tournament Circuit Standings

This season was a little different because two of the five tournaments had to be cancelled because of the Covid-19 situation.  Still, we had quite a good turn out in the tournaments at the beginning of the year. With the results from the Winnipeg & District Super League added in at double-points-value, we had a total of 23-24 players earning top-12 Circuit points to feature in the standings for the Pro-Open Singles, Active 4 Life and Junior Male Singles. Although the Junior Female Singles did not have as many players as the other three events, we had an overall increase in the number of players in both Junior Male and Female events overall. A big congratulations to Mr. Junny Tagle Jr. for winning both the Pro-Open Singles title as well as the Active 4 Life crown.  Biruk Bekele took the runner-up positions in each of these two events despite not competing in the League.  A shout out to Rick Ward from Selkirk for gaining enough points from the league to take third place in the Active 4 Life event.  Congrats to Jeremy Huang, Jason Li and Benji Dueck for holding the top 3 standings in Junior Male Singles and Grace Qi, Joyce Liu and Nibusha Loganathan for the top 3 standings in Junior Female Singles. I would love to sit here and congratulate everyone but that would take all day. Thank you to everyone who participated in the MTTA Tournament Circuit this year and a great job to all of you. Thank you for all of the umpires and referees and anyone who took the time to help set up and take down the gym for every tournament.  I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Wash your hands and try to get as much exercise as you can.  FINAL CIRCUIT STANDINGS LINKED HERE!

Phuong Nguyen Reporting


Manitoba Table Tennis Personalities Make the Media

M.T.T.A. President Darek Mikita was recently named as Sport Manitoba’s “Official of the Year for 2019”  and both Table Tennis Canada and the M.T.T.A. recently reported on this. However, the story was recently  picked up by the Winnipeg Free Press for their Community Newspaper’s. A link to this story is attached here.

Just as President Mikita is our “Executive” and “Officials Elite”, we have young Matthew Lehmann who is our “Athlete Elite.”  Matthew was just featured in a story by “SportsLife Magazine” , in the 2020 Volume 6 Issue 2 Manitoba edition.  Like Darek,  Matthew has had his story also covered by Table Tennis Canada.  The link to Matthew’s story is on page 26 here.

Congratulations to both Darek and Matthew for their carrying of the table tennis flag during these tough times.

Stay safe, stay apart or at home but stay connected on M.T.T.A. Facebook.

Yours in table tennis.

Ron Edwards


Darek Mikita Named Manitoba "Official of the Year"

Congratulations are in order for M.T.T.A. President and International “Blue Badge” umpire Darek Mikita who has just been named Sport Manitoba’s “Official of the Year.”  Darek was to be awarded last night at the cancelled Sport Manitoba “Night of Champions” event but of course Covid-19 changed that.

Darek came to Winnipeg from Poland around the same time that I moved here from Ottawa to work for the M.T.T.A.; in the mid-80’s.  Darek took his Club Umpire exam in April of 1987 and by 1992 had completed his Provincial, National and International levels.  Then in 2005, the International Federation came out with the super “intense”, super “strict” “Blue Badge” level that Darek passed in 2005.  Also in 2005, Darek completed his credentials to umpire disabled athletes as well. 

So Darek began umpiring at our local events-and you still seem him today as a Referee at our events-and then progressed to National events such as the Canadian Senior and Junior Championships, Canada Winter Games etc.  From there it was onto various international I.T.T.F. tour events as well as large multi-sport events like the Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games and the Olympic Games.  Darek’s latest achievement was to be named as one of only 8 umpires from around the world to umpire this past December in Zhengzhou, China at the World Tour Grand Finals.  In fact, Darek made a bit of a name for himself as he correctly faulted one of the superstar’s of table tennis - Ma Long - in one of his matches…you can read about this at in the centre section…scroll down a little.

Last month, Darek was giving back some of his knowledge as he ran our clinic for club umpires at Cornerstone Church.  So for these 10-11 players/ parents that passed, the next step would be to purchase the umpire’s kit for $15 and to start to umpire and be evaluated at MTTA future events.  Once you pass the next level-the Provincial level-you can then be selected to travel to National level events.

Thank you Darek and congratulations.

Ron Edwards Reporting


Canadian Table Tennis Championships Postponed

Adham Sharara, President of Table Tennis Canada  announced that the Canadian Table Tennis Championships have been postponed.   Read the letter from Adam here.


COVID-19 Prevention:  Table Tennis Programming Cancelled

Hello fellow table tennis players,

Due to the public risks associated with Covid-19, the Manitoba Table Tennis Association will be suspending all our “on-table” activities effective tomorrow Monday March 16th until further notice.  We know how much many of you like to practice and so apologize for this inconvenience, but we thank you for your understanding as we engage in this precautionary measure to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our community. 

This means that our Active 4 Life, Junior Developmental Coaching Program, TOPS-Schools, Tournaments Program, League Program and our Hopefulls and Provincial Squads Training Programs will all suspended until the various Provincial and Federal Authorities decide that it is safe to resume normal operations.

At the current point in time, some of our independently operated partner clubs are still open and if you want information on these, please contact the M.T.T.A. at 204-925-5690b or 204-925-5943b.

We also want to share the following recommendations put forth by the Province of Manitoba:

  • People are encouraged to take common prevention measures including regular handwashing with soap and warm water for at least 15 seconds. Make sure to dry hands thoroughly. As an alternative, you can also use an alcohol-based hand cleanser if your hands are not visibly dirty. 
  • Please cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing, or cough or sneeze into your sleeve.
  • Employees are asked to hold virtual/phone meetings in lieu of in-person meetings and minimize prolonged (more than 10 minutes), close (less than two meters/ six feet) contact between other individuals. Avoid greetings that involve touching, such as handshakes as well.
  • If you have recently traveled internationally, including the USA, people are asked to contact their employers and self-isolate for 14 days. If you are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (coughing, sneezing, fever, sore throat, etc.), they are asked to contact their employer and self-isolate for 14 days as recommended by the Province of Manitoba.

If you are concerned about your exposure to or risk of having COVID-19, please first call Health Links–Info Sante at 204-788-8200 or 1-888-315-9257 (toll-free) to ensure you receive medical advice appropriate to your specific health concerns.

The M.T.T.A. will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed as new information becomes available.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at

Thank you.

Yours in Table Tennis,

Ron Edwards, Executive Director


More Manitoba Titles Decided

Winter in Manitoba is when the table tennis season is in full swing…this means tournaments and camps and school clinics and equipment loans as well as battles raging in the Winnipeg & District Super League as well as the various Club Leagues.

LEAGUES OF NOTE:  Morden:  Play in the Morden Club League (1 Star for rating purposes) occurs at the Access Event Centre every Monday night.  Young Benji Dueck is on a tear, going undefeated so far in over 7 months of play!   David Charriere and Victor Klassen, let me know if you need Coach Tronco to come in and give you some tips! 

Winnipeg & District Super League:  We are now 13 weeks into this season with $500 in prize monies up for grabs.  Newcomer to Manitoba, from the Philippines, Juan Tagle Jr. seems in full control with a current record of 30 wins against only 3 losses.  Young Jeremy Huang is in second place with a record of 30 wins and 10 losses.  It is not too late to get involved here as the league will run until mid-June.  Current standings can be found to the right in the “2019-2020” Results section.

TOURNAMENT ACTION:  Saturday February 8th saw Manitoba’s top players battling it out in the Golden Boy Open Championships.  Biruk Bekele continued his dominance in the Open and >40 Years categories.  He has now captured each of these two event titles in each of our first three tournaments.  Open #2 player Yi Fan Lu pushed Biruk this time around.  Yi Fan was up 2-0 in games before bowing out in the last three games at 8, 6 and 6.  Grace Qi won her third title in three tries in the Junior Girls event.  This time she was tested by Joyce Liu who made her first title appearance.  The Junior Boy’s event is well tested this year.  Jason Li captured the title this time around besting Julian Liu three straight.  This ties Jason with Jeremy Huang at the top of the Junior Boys’s Circuit Standings.  Complete results for the Circuit and the Golden Boy Open are linked to the right under “2019-2020 Results.”

Frontier School Division Championships:  The Frontier School Division held their Divisional Championships March 4th to 6th.  Table Tennis was contested along with badminton, trap setting, basketball, archery, snow shoeing, floor hockey and cross-country skiing.  The School Division is broken into 6 geographic areas and each area has their own sport playdowns.  The top two boys and two girls each then come to this event.  So for table tennis I saw the best 12 boys and 12 girls representing 14 different communities.  The boy’s events were held at Minegoziibe Anishinabe School in Pine Creek and the girl’s events at Duck Bay School; these communities are about 25 km apart.  The level of play as always is steadily improving but there are still lots of illegal serves being dealt out!  Anyway, it was a great few days with the events finishing up as follows:

Girls Event:

Gold:  Kiera Robinson, Mel Johnson School, Wabowden

Silver:  Tania Bird, Black River Anishinabe School, O’Hanley

Bronze:  Victoria McKenzie, Lakefront School, Crane River


Boys Event:

Gold:  Mitchell Campeau, Rorketon School, Rorketon

Silver:  Curtis Halcrowe, Mel Johnson School, Wabowden

Bronze:  Dallas Johnston, Black River Anishinabe School, O’Hanley


Thanks as always to Heather Lowe and Brian McMillan from the F.S.D. for their efforts in always making this event a success.


Ron Edwards Reporting


Manitoba Umpire at Qatar Open


Manitoba Blue Badge Umpire Greg Dzioba  will be umpiring at the Qatar Open March 3-8, 2020. Read the TTCAN article here.


Manitoba Athlete Selected to Team Canada for
 ITTF Team World Championships

Congratulations to Manitoba athlete, Matthew Lehmann, who is currently training and playing the Czech Republic, on his selection to the Canadian team for the upcoming ITTF Team World Championships in South Korea.

Matthew shared the following last month:
"Honoured and excited to be selected as the 4th member of Team Canada at the 2020 World Team Championships in Korea!  

Thank you to Tomáš Demek for helping me prepare, and coaching me to a 4th place finish at the team trials last week. Thanks to Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba, Manitoba Table Tennis Association Inc., and TTC OSTRAVA 2016 for their parts in helping me achieve this dream.

Thank you to my family for their constant support, and to my sponsors Secret Weapon Sports and STIGA Table Tennis.

Finally, thank you to all the coaches and players I've worked with over the years to get here, and the friends that have believed in me.

Now it's back to training so I can help Table Tennis Canada Tennis de Table to do the best we can in Busan this March!!"

Best of luck to Matthew!

(note: the World Championships have been postponed until the end of June)


Frontier Area Three Table Tennis Titles Decided

photos by: Carlos Cuadro

The Area 3 games were held January 29-31 in Beren’s River; Beren’s had to step in at the last minute to host instead of Black River and the community did an outstanding job!  Along with table tennis, contested sports were trap-setting, cross-country skiing, badminton, snowshoeing, floor hockey and basketball.  I picked Coach Carlos Cuadro up at about 9 am and we headed to the main Frontier School Division offices on Speers Road to get our pick-up truck and to load it up with supplies for the 4-5 hour drive up the East side of Lake Winnipeg.  We pit-stopped in Little Black River to hook up with a couple of school buses and some other trucks to travel in convoy.  We arrived safely at around 3:30 – 4 pm and unloaded the Butterfly Europa table that we brought up and were donating to Beren’s River School as part of our “New Clubs Development” program.  This table was added to the three others and play would be held in two large classrooms.

Ten boys competed on the Wednesday night from schools in the communities of Beren’s River, Bissett, Falcon Beach, Little Black River, Wanipigow and Matheson Island.  The boys were split into two pools of 5 and this was followed by double-crossovers to determine placings number one through ten.  Topping their pools were Brodi Wood of Wanipigow and Dallas Johnston of Little Black River.  They each won their cross-over matches and the final they played was outstanding.  Dallas was a couple years older than Brodi and was pretty confident and he sprung out to an early 2-0 game lead winning easily at 6 and 3.  However, he took the foot off the gas a bit and Brodi fought hard to win the third and fourth games at 7 and 9 thus putting Dallas under some pressure.  Game 5, Dallas sprints out to a 6-1 lead but Brodi does not give up.  He claws his way back point by point and takes the fith and final game by a score of 11-9.  Brodi’s teammates go absolutely crazy and he is mobbed!  One of those “you had to be there” moments in sport!

On the girl’s side Hayley Owen’s from Beren’s River and Tania Bird from Little Black river topped their preliminary pools.  In the cross-overs Hayley bested her team-mate Layla Flett and likewise Tania  beat her friend Tashina Courchene in a close five game contest at 13-11 in the fifth.  In the final, Tania was too strong and swept Haley three straight at 4, 8 and 7.

Thanks to all players for their hard efforts throughout the event.  Thanks to Carlos for his coaching skills showing the kids all sorts of tricky-spinny serves and thanks to heather Lowe the F.S.D. Phys. Ed. Consultant for making this event happen.

Next up are the Divisionals’ March 4-6 in Pine Creek.

Pictured here is boy’s champion Brodi Wood surrounded by his fan club and Tania Bird the girl’s champion with myself.

Ron Edwards Reporting.


2020 ... A Ping-Pong Odyssey

Hello all Manitoba Ping Pongers,

Well, here we are, in 2020, in Winnipeg in the dead of winter…so, to warm you up, how about some table tennis?

MTTA programs are all in full swing with lots of table space available and this is also the case with our partner clubs the Winnipeg Filipino Ping Pong Group, the Winnipeg Table Tennis Training Centre and Prairie Badminton. Go to for a full range of contact information.

And how about Matthew Lehmann…Matthew just qualified for Team Canada for the 2020 World Championships in South Korea…it seems like just yesterday that he started out at Winakwa Community Centre under the guidance of Any Bachmann… Read the Table Tennis Canada article about Matthew and his table tennis preparations.

GOLDEN BOY OPEN TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS: Saturday February 8th at Daniel MacIntrye Collegiate lower gymnasium. This is 3rd of 5 events comprising the $2,000 Manitoba Circuit with results counting towards Canadian ratings & rankings as well as selection of Manitoba’s teams for the Canadian Senior & Junior Championships; entry form is linked here.

CLUB UMPIRE SEMINAR & EXAMINATION: On Tuesday February 11th at 6:30 pm, INTERNATIONAL UMPIRE Darek Mikita will deliver a club umpire seminar and open brochure examination that follows. The seminar focuses on Chapter 2 of the rules of table tennis. Darek has had a long and storied career as a volunteer umpire in table tennis: he has represented Canada at the Olympic Games, World Championships, Pan American Games etc. But his journey started as a Club umpire…from there, you become a Provincial umpire, to National to International. For the Canadian Senior and Junior Championships, the Provinces are always invited to send a Provincial level umpire and the same applies for the Canada Winter Games. If you are a player or parent, this is a great way to become involved. Players-it is a little-known fact that in order to represent Manitoba at the Nationals, all players must possess their Club umpire level…this is so all players understand the rules and regulations. A Club Umpire Signup form is attached here.

E-TRANSFER PAYMENTS… finally here… pay for all programs by sending E-Transfer to

…write on it what the fee is for and the person for who it is for and the amount.


Hope to see you out.

Ron Edwards

(2020 A Ping Pong Odyssey…”2001 A Space Odyssey”…could it really be almost 20 years ago now that robots were supposed to rule the world?)


Christmas and New Years 2019 Table Tennis Training Camp

MTTA hosted a Christmas and New Years Training Camp at the new Prairie Badminton Club.
MTTA athlete Matthew Lehmann and 
Czech coach Tomas Demek dropped by one afternoon and helped out Coach Tronco.  Tomas, a former German Bundesliga player, and former Czech National team coach (who coached the Czech team to several Table Tennis World Championship medals, and coached at the Olympics) is now the coach at TTC Ostrava where Matthew is currently training.   Matthew and Tomas enjoyed working with the MTTA athletes and wish them a good upcoming season!


Winnipeg & District Super League Mid-Season Report:

The Winnipeg & District Super League is up and running. It is quite competitive this year with 5-6 Groups competing every Friday night at Daniel McIntyre Collegiate School. After 6 weeks of play “Mr. Trick Shot” Juan Tangle Jr. sits at the Top of the league standings with the record of 16 wins and only 1 defeat…dealt by Benji Dueck from Morden. In second place and still fighting to earn the top spot is Jeremy Huang, one of our Provincial Squad member U-18 Boys . It is also impressive to see Grace Qi and Nibusha Loganathan two of our Provincial Squad members in the  U-15 girls wrapping up at 3rd and 5th spots.  These two girls are on fire giving their best to give every single opponent a hard time.

We still have a long way to go before the League Season ends so what are you guys waiting for… there’s a plenty of time to catch up!  See you next time! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance to everyone.

Arvin Tronco reporting…


Provincial Closed Titles Decided

The Manitoba Closed Table Tennis Championships were held this past Saturday December 14th at Daniel MacIntrye Collegiate.  This was the second of five events that along with the Winnipeg & District Super League make up the $2,000 Manitoba Circuit.  Referees for this event were Gregory Chan and his daughter Francesca.  Along with umpires Royle Derbitsky, Norman Tran, Michael Huang and others, they assured players of a great competition experience.  When the last ball was spun, the event titles were distributed as follows:

Pro “A” Sgls:  Biruk Bekele def. Yi Fan Lu 11-2,9-11,11-7,11-9
“B” Sgls: Takeo Gagro def. Jiecong Wang 11-13,13-11,12-10,11-8
“C”Sgls :  Grace Qi def. Raul Bernales 11-8,5-11,11-5,11-6
“D” Sgls: Terry Xu def. Alexus Lee 11-8,11-2,7-11,11-6
“E” Sgls: Avery Catigay def. Mena Tawfilous 11-6,11-6,11-2

Jr. Boys “A” Sgls:  Jeremy Huang def. Jason Li 11-9, 9-11,11-9,14-12
Jr. Boys “B” Sgls:  Edward Wang def. Xiao Zhang 11-8,11-3,11-3
Jr. Girls “A” Sgls:  G. Qi def. Nibusha Loganathan 11-2,11-9,11-8
Jr. Girls “B” Sgls:  Sarah Dong def. A. Lee 8-11,11-6,11-7,11-9

>40 Yrs. “A” Sgls:  B. Bekele def. Thadeus Jimenez 11-3,11-6,9-11,11-1
>40 Yrs. “B” Sgls:  R. Bernales def. Irwin Raymundo 11-6,11-7,12-14,11-8

Pro “A” Dbls:  B. Bekele/ J. Li def. Y.F. LU/ J. Huang 4-11,11-8,4-11,11-3,11-9
“B” Dbls:  R. Bernales/ Andi Ingenfeld def. Lee Kin Pong/ Rick Ward (St. Andrews) 11-9,11-5,6-11,11-9

Congratulations to all of the event finalists and I look forward to seeing everyone at the next event on Saturday February 8th.  CIRCUIT STANDINGS have been updated and are linked HERE!

Ron Edwards Reporting



Fundamentals of Table Tennis - School Profile:
Valley Gardens Junior High

On Thursday October 3rd, M.T.T.A. Athlete Development Director travelled with the “Robo-Pong” to Valley Gardens Junior High School.  There he conducted a table tennis clinic for 20 members of the Valley Gardens table tennis club.  Teacher Liz Edwards obtained her Level 1 N.C.C.P. coaching license back in 1997 and has been doing table tennis ever since at the schools she has taught in:  Wayoata, Arthur Day and now Valley Gardens.  This clinic jump-started an 8-week program that ran every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch-time in the school’s lower track-activities area.  The school has about a dozen tables in varying conditions. At the end of the program, Mrs. Edwards conducted a tournament for the kids.  Congratulations to the top four players of:  Kaiden Almonte, Jordan Jones, Anno Do and Tyson Wickman. 

Any schools requesting clinics should contact Coach Tronco at 204-925-5943b.

Ron Edwards Reporting


MTTA Officials at ITTF Events

Greg Dzioba and Gregory Chan officiated at the ITTF North American (Open) in December, 2019.

Also read about Darek Mikita's (MTTA President), experience as an official at the ITTF World Tour Grand Finals here.


Christmas 2019 Table Tennis Training Camps

Hello everyone, Christmas and the New Year season is fast approaching.  For some people it is a time to rest and relax and travel with family-i.e. they are not available for training camps, however, for others, they wish for us to host training camps.  The following camps will be held this season:

MTTA Advanced Camp:  This will be a four-day camp for advanced level players (ie Hopefulls and Squads) and players will be invited by Coach Tronco to attend in the coming days.  The camp fee will be $190 and will be held from 8:30-3:30 pm each of Monday and Tuesday December 30 and 31 and Thursday and Friday January 2nd and 3rd.  Schedule: 8:30 drop-off/ 9-11:30 am morning session/ 11:30 – 1 pm lunch break/ 1-3:30 pm afternoon session.  Head Coach for this camp is Provincial Team Head Coach Arvin Tronco and the camp will be held at Prairie Badminton.

Prairie Badminton Beginner & Intermediate Level Camp:  This camp will be designed for beginner to intermediate level players of all ages.  It is an “open” camp that all can sign up for.  The hours and location is the same as for the Advanced camp and the coach for this camp is Mr. Juan Tagle Jr.  Information about this camp can be found in the poster below:

Other Camps:  As we learn of other camps, we will post that information here.

Thank you.

Ron Edwards
Executive Director
Manitoba Table Tennis Association


Manitoba Coaches Photogenic Poster-Models?

Last February our coaches at the Canada Winter Games were Arvin Tronco and Phuong Nguyen…at the Games, they attracted the attention of the paparazzi…here below are pictures of them standing beside a picture of themselves in action being used for a Canada-wide campaign for the Coaching Association of Canada called “Responsible Coaching Movement.”  Congrats to Phuong and Arvin for their “famousness”

…LOL…Ron Edwards Reporting.


Red River Open Kicks Off $2,000 Manitoba Circuit

The 2019 Red River Open Championship was held this past Saturday November 16th at Daniel MacIntrye Collegiate in Winnipeg.  The event attracted players from 3 of Manitoba’s 5 sport regions:  Winnipeg, South and East.  Results from events count towards Manitoba & Canadian ratings/ rankings system as well as for standings in the $2,000 Manitoba Tournament Circuit. 

Biruk Bekele, ranked 6th in Manitoba, was the big winner on Saturday.  He bested #5 ranked Yi Fan Lu in straight sets to take home the Open Singles crown.  He then defeated #13 ranked Thadeus Jimenez to take the >40 Years crown also in straight sets.  In the Open Doubles, he partnered with unheralded Takeo Gagro to also win this title in a gripping 5 set battle over Yi Fan Lu and Jason Li…score 16-14 in the 5th! 

The Junior Boy’s and Junior Girl’s Circuit events also had some tight, tight matches and overall, I was impressed with the ever increasing level of play.  Jeremy Huang bested Jason Li in the boys final in a thrilling 4 setter with Jeremy sealing the deal in game four 19-17!  In girls play, Grace Qi bested Nibusha Loganathan in straight sets.  Complete results can be found to the lower right and the next event takes place on Saturday December 14th.

Ron Edwards Reporting


Winnipeg Table Tennis Centre Hosts Kids Tournament

Details for the TD Bank Cup can be found here.


2019 - 2020 Table Tennis Clubs and Programs

All of our permits have now been finalized and our programs are now up and running.   Now that all dates and locations have been finalized, the registration forms will be prepared and mailed out to all of last year’s members and new players.  They will also be posted on the website...this process might take 2-3 weeks.  In the meantime, feel free to come out and knock the ball around.  The 2019-2020 MEMBERSHIP FORM is available to be downloaded, as is the information sheet on the TD BANK CUP being hosted by the Winnipeg Table Tennis Training Centre on October 26 & 27. This is a new event for kids!


The dates for our 5 MAJOR TOURNAMENTS are listed below.  Events held at each will be Open Singles, Open Doubles, Active 4 Life >40 Years Singles, Junior Boys and Junior Girls Singles < 18 years.  All of these events will branch into A,B, C divisions etc…so events for all ages, all levels of play.  Results from the first 4 tournaments are tabulated for each event and the top 16 players in each category are invited to the season ending “Tournament of Champions”.  Final results from the Winnipeg & District Super League are added to determine our overall Circuit Winners.  RESULTS COUNT FOR SELECTION OF MANITOBA PROVINCIAL TEAMS.  Registration fees remain the same as previous years and we will be accepting PAYMENT BY E-TRANSFER.  THE WEDENSDAY ENTRY DEADLINES WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED THIS YEAR!

  1. Saturday November 16th, Red River Open Championships, Dan. Mac. Collegiate lower gym.
  2. Saturday December 14th, Manitoba Closed Championships, Dan. Mac. Collegiate lower gym.
  3. Saturday February 8th, Golden Boy Open Championships, Dan. Mac. Collegiate lower gym.
  4. Saturday & Sunday March 21st & 22nd Manitoba Open Championships, Dan. Mac. Collegiate lower gym.
  5. Saturday April 18th, Tournament of Champions, Dan. Mac. Collegiate lower gym.

PARTNER TOURNAMENT:  Saturday & Sunday October 26th & 27th is the TD BANK CUP organized by the Winnipeg Table Tennis Training Centre (WTTTC), 545 Hervo Street.  This tournament has events for under 8, under 12 and under 18 year-old players.  T

DAYS, CLUBS & PROGRAMS:  (Here is what is set-up so far-program/ location/ start-date/ fees/ Coach info.)

  1. Mondays, Dufferin Lower Gym, A4Life/ Rec. Practice Program, 6:30 - 10:00 pm, start date September 30th.
  2. Tuesdays, Cornerstone Alliance Church, Junior Developmental Coaching, 6-7:30 pm, starts Tuesday September 24th, registrations now open, contact Arvin Tronco, MTTA.
  3. Tuesdays, Cornerstone Alliance Church, Hopefulls & Squads Training, 7:30-10:00 pm, starts Tuesday September 24th, attendance by selection only, contact Arvin Tronco, MTTA.
  4. Tuesdays, John Pritchard School Jackson Gym, A4Life/ Rec. Practice Program, 6:30- 10:00 pm, start date October 1st, contact MTTA.
  5. Tuesdays, Champlain Community Centre, A4Life/ Rec. Practice Program, 6:30- 8:30 pm, start date October 1st, contact MTTA or Shawn Vincent,
  6. Wednesdays, Crescentwood Community Centre Small Gym, A4Life/ Rec. Practice Program, 1-3 pm, start date October 2nd , contact MTTA.
  7. Thursdays, Cornerstone Alliance Church, Junior Developmental Coaching, 6-7:30 pm, starts Thursday September 19th, registrations now open, contact Arvin Tronco, MTTA. NO PRACTICE OCT. 3RD AGM!
  8. Thursdays, Cornerstone Alliance Church, Hopefulls & Squads Training, 7:30-10:00 pm, starts Thursday September 19th, attendance by selection only, contact Arvin Tronco, MTTA.  NO PRACTICE OCT. 3RD AGM!
  9. Thursdays, Dufferin Lower Gym, A4Life/ Rec. Practice Program, 6:30 - 10:00 pm, start date October 10th, contact MTTA.
  10. Fridays, Dan. Mac. Lower Gym, Winnipeg & District Super League, 6:30-9:30 pm, open to all players all ages all levels, start date November 1st,  open practice for all players month of October.
  11. Saturdays, Crescentwood Community Centre Small Gym, Junior Developmental Coaching, 12:30-2 pm, starts Saturday October 5th , registrations now open, contact Arvin Tronco, MTTA or Leisure Guide page 24.
  12. Saturdays, Prairie Badminton Centre, A4Life/ Rec. Practice Program, 1-3:30 pm, registrations now open, fees paid to Prairie Badminton, MTTA Max-Pac Active 4 Life Members get discounted rates,
  13. Sundays, Prairie Badminton Centre, A4L Challenge Ladder, 6-9 pm, all ages & abilities, registrations now open, fees paid to Prairie Badminton, MTTA Max-Pac Active 4 Life Members get discounted rates, sanctioned for MTTA & TTC ratings/ rankings,
  14. Sundays, Champlain Community Centre, A4Life/ Rec. Practice Program, 6:30- 8:30 pm, start date October 1st, contact MTTA or Shawn Vincent,


  1. Active 4 Life/ Recreational Practice Program:  Program open to players all ages, all abilities.  Fees to pay is “Active” Membership Fee ($25 adult/ $15 Jr. <18 years) plus “Max-Pac” $100 for unlimited play at MTTA clubs or “Quarter-Pac” $50 for 25 visits or “Ten-Pac” $30 for 10 visits to MTTA Clubs.  MTTA “Max-Pac” holders will receive discounted rates at partner clubs Prairie Badminton on Sat & Sun & Champlain CC on Sunday. 
  2. Junior Developmental Coaching Program:   Program for all kids & youth to learn basics of table tennis.  Fees to pay are $15 Active Membership plus $85 for one practice per week for the fall block or $170 for 2 or more practices per week.  Program is overseen by MTTA Head Coach Arvin Tronco.  Kids that take lessons can play for free at A4L clubs.
  3. Hopefulls & Squads Program:  These programs are by invitation only and are for advanced level senior and junior players who hope to make Manitoba’s representative teams for events like the Canadian Championships and Canada Winter Games.  Practices are held 2-4 times per week depending upon age.  Head Coach Arvin Tronco oversees the Tuesday and Thursday practices at Cornerstone.  Fees are $200 for the Hopefulls fall block for Tues & Thursdays and $250 for the Squads.  All players who register with the MTTA can play for free at the A4L clubs.
  4. $500 Winnipeg & District Super League:  The league will run every Friday night at Dan Mac. Starting November 1st.  It is open to all players, all ages, all abilities.  Players compete for themselves in 6-10 Divisions of play moving up and down divisions based upon the previous weeks results.  Results count towards Manitoba and Canadian ratings and rankings and selection of Manitoba’s Provincial Teams.  $500 in prizes at season end based on % win/ loss record. Fees are Active Membership plus yearly fee of $70 adult and $50 >60 years or <18 years.  MTTA Active Members will be able to play for free at Dan Mac for the month of October until the league starts.

PARTNER CLUBS & Contacts:  The MTTA partner with over 60 clubs located at schools, community centres and “pro” clubs all over Manitoba.  Some of these are as follows:

  1. Winnipeg Table Tennis training Centre (WTTTC):  This club was started by Provincial team player Terry Zhang and Poyz Riankamensakul.  The club operates 7 days a week with 6 tables (3 MTTA/ 3 WTTTC) and offers a wide variety of programming from pre-school and after-school daycare pick-up and delivery of kids with table tennis lessons built in.  They specialize in private and semi-private group lessons as well as Active 4 Life drop-in play.  Fees here are set by and payable to the WTTTC and all players and all coaches must be MTTA Active members.   Contact:  204-951-3341.  And check out the attachment about their first tournament!
  2. Prairie Badminton Centre:  This club was recently started up by Ryan Giesbrecht and Provincial Team Head Coach Justin Friesen.  The club is primarily for serious badminton players but they also offer pickleball and table tennis on 3 MTTA tables.  Programming to start will be on Saturday afternoons and Sunday nights and MTTA MAX-Pac holders receive discounted rates.  Clinics, camps and tournaments are expected to follow.
  3. WFPPG:  Winnipeg Filipino Ping Pong Group play primarily out of the PCCM building on Keewatin.  Most play that occurs on the 5 MTTA owned tables is during mornings.  The main club contact is Eric Hernandez or you can contact Head Coach Arvin Tronco.  All players here must be Active MTTA members and be either PCCM members or remit a per use drop-in fee.
  4. Champlain Table Tennis Club:  Club is run by Shawn Vincent out of Champlain Community Centre, 282 Niverville.  Play happens on 5-6 quality tables every Tuesday and Sunday nights from 6:30-8:30 pm.  Tuesday night is open to all players, all ages, all abilities and there is a $5 drop-in fee payable by all.  Sunday nights MTTA Active Max-Pac members get a discount to play, $3 per night drop-in fee, all others $5 drop-in fee.
  5. Others…lots…Morden, Winkler, Carman, Sanford, Norway House, Wabowden, Thompson, Cranberry Portage, La Broquerie, Cross Lake…




In Memoriam: Don Kokan (September 24, 1957 to August 19, 2019)

It is with great sadness that the M.T.T.A. announce the passing of Don (Dragan) Kokan. Don was involved in table tennis for over forty-five years in multiple capacities. He was a National Level Table Tennis Umpire, he was a member of various committees and even as recently as the 2016-2017 season served as a member of the Executive in the position of Secretary. However, it is as a player and person that Don will be remembered for the most. When I first moved from Ottawa to Winnipeg in 1986 it was Don who helped myself and Boris Rainer move tables from a dingy basement apartment to Red River College for tournament after tournament…this went on for years. Whenever I needed someone to help with something big or small, Don was always there! As a player, “Dragan” sums it up. Don was a member of Manitoba’s Provincial Men’s Team on multiple occasions and was a fighter! He loved playing points, he loved trying to beat the guy at the other end of the table, always smiling and shaking hands afterwards in either success or defeat. Whenever he would come out to the junior practices, he hated to do drills, he would say “give me your best kids and let me go play them.” Don, the table tennis community will really miss you just like your good friend and team-mate Liam Barclay. Pat, Gabriel and family, our thoughts and prayers are with you. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to Holy Family Home, Immaculate Heart of Mary School or to the Croatian Dawn Dance Group.



Manitoba League and Circuit Titles Decided

Hello all Manitoba “ping-pongers”…well, I guess late news is better than “no news”…below you will find the final results and standings of the $500 Winnipeg and District Super League as well as the final standings of the $2,000 Manitoba Tournament Circuit.  The posting of these is late due to a ransomware/ malware attack suffered by the network that the M.T.T.A. are a part of.  For the last six weeks we have not had computers, photocopiers etc. which is why things have been quieter…but as of this week we are back up and running…now to the results:


Winnipeg & District Super-League:

The league commenced last fall and finished on June 14th for a total of 24 nights of play.  Last fall, based upon ratings, players were seeded into Divisions and then moved up/ down divisions each week based upon the previous weeks results. Standings were tabulated monthly based upon %Won/%Lost records with cash prizes for the top five finishers but in order to qualify for the cash, players had to compete more than the overall average of matches played by all players.  Congratulations to these five plyers who not only won the cash but also accumulated double points towards the overall $2,000 Manitoba Circuit Standings.


1st Jeremy Tran, $250, 93.1% W/L record;
2nd Anna Liu, $150, 73.2% W/L record;
3rd Carlos Cuadro, $50, 70.4% W/L record;
4th Yunyang Deng, $30, 68.2% W/L record;
5th Jeremy Huang, $20, 65% W/L record.


Complete standings are linked here and below to the right.



This years Circuit was contested over 5 tournaments plus the Winnipeg Super-League that counted for double weightings.  Points were awarded for the top 12 finishers in each of the Open, Over 40 Years, Junior Boys and Junior Girls categories.  Complete results are linked here and to the bottom right, but here are your top 5’s:


Open Singles:

1st Jeremy Tran, $250, 465 points;
2nd-3rd tie:  Biruk Bekele & Matthew Lehmann $105 each, 400 points each;
4th Yi Fan Lu, $40, 240 points;
5th Yunyang Deng, 203 points.

Active 4 Life > 40 Years Singles:

1st Michal Rybak, 480 points;
2nd Thadeus Jimenez, 340 points;
3rd Jerzy Kusal, 220 points;
4th Nhoel Manalo, 175 points;
5th Rick Ward, St. Andrews, 152.5 points.


Junior Boys <18 Years:

1st Jeremy Tran, 640 points;
2nd Yunyang Deng, 440 points;
3rd Jeremy Huang, 382 points;
4th Gordon Chow, 290 points;
5th Devin Chuong, 222.5 points.


Junior Girls <18 Years:

1st Anna Liu, 550 points;
2nd Grace Qi, 545 points;
3rd Nibusha Loganathan, 340 points;
4th Joyce Liu, 230 points;
5th Carol-Jean Wong, 170 points.


Congratulations to all winners, hope to see everyone at the October 3rd Awards and A.G.M. night.


Ron Edwards Reporting


Manitoba Finishes 5th Overall
2019 Junior National Table Tennis Championships

Click here for provincial order.   And click here for results of all events.







2019 Junior National Table Tennis Championships
Summerside, PEI

Congratulations to all our athletes on their performance at the 2019 Junior Nationals Table Tennis Championships last July 4th to July 7th at Summerside, Prince Edward Island. Team Manitoba sent 2 Teams to represent our province in the Cadet U15 Boys and Girls Team event. The Boys Team (Benji Dueck from Morden, Jeremy Huang, Jason Li and Ben Vu). The Girls Team (Anna Liu, Grace Qi, Nibusha Loganathan and Victoria Lee).  Everyone did a great job for showing your skills and able to perform on a bigger stage. I know we still have lots of things to improve not just on our skills, but we need also to learn how to have a positive approach before the big game, how to prepare ourselves mentally and physically.
I hope this will be a learning experience to everyone. Look at things objectively, find out what went wrong, decide what to do next time under similar circumstances and then forget the matter. If there are lessons to be learned, changes or improvements to be made in your game, then these aspects should be looked at in the training hall and corrected. If the other player was better trained or indeed just better on the day that is also something you should be prepared to admit.

Manitoba player results from PEI can be found  here.

I would like also to take this opportunity to thank all our coaches and sparring partners Terry Zhang, Matthew Lehmann, Carlos Quadro, Myong Lee and Yifan Liu thank you for all your hard work. Special thanks to Ms. Phuong Nguyen for helping me coach at Jr. Nationals this year.

Coach Tronco


Have Table, Will Travel...

Ron Edwards, MTTA takes on Jeff Knatiuk, CEO, Sport Manitoba

Thorsten Gohl and Jeff Knatiuk CEO, Sport Manitoba take on Ron Edwards, MTTA  and Nolan Kowal, Marketing Sport Manitoa.

On June 26, 2019, Board member in charge of Marketing and Communications, Thorsten Gohl passed through Winnipeg with his mini table.    Table tennis - anytime, anywhere!     


Table Tennis Canada Sets New Direction

" It is a new beginning, it is a new vision, and we will achieve our goals as a team and as a TT Family."   Please information about recent TTCAN AGM here.


World Veterans Tour - October 17-20, 2019

You can find more details about the ITTF World Vetrans Tour in Fort Lauderdale, FL here.


Jacie Liu and Matthew Lehmann at Universiade 2019

[Click on photo above to see table tennis promo video]

The Manitoba Table Tennis Association is pleased to announce that Manitoba athletes, Matthew Lehmann and Jacie Liu, have been named to Team Canada for the 2019 FISU Summer Universiade in Naples, Italy. The Canadian table tennis team will be comprised of 4 male and 4 female university athletes.

Matthew, a 21 year old student at the University of Manitoba Asper School of Business, will participate in four events in Italy – team, singles, doubles and mixed doubles

A multi-year Manitoba table tennis provincial team member and champion, Matthew is coming off of an exciting year in the sport. In 2018, Matthew was selected by Table Tennis Canada to the Canadian men’s team for the World Table Tennis Team Championships in Halmstad, Sweden. He became the first Manitoban athlete to compete at the World Championships since the 1970s, and the second in the history of the sport.

Jacie Liu will compete in singles, team and the doubles event at the Universiade in July and this will be her first time representing Canada.

A 21 year old student studying microbiology and immunology at McGill University, Jacie was a long time provincial team member who has continued to play collegiate table tennis in Montreal.

Matthew and Jacie are both proud Canada Games alumni and are excited to participate in this major international multi-sport games.

This year’s Universiade, the 30th edition and the 60th anniversary of the World University Games, will run from July 3- 14, 2019. Canada’s delegation of over 300 student-athletes, coaches, staff and medical personnel will join over 9300 student-athletes from 128 countries. Sports represented include athletics, basketball, diving, fencing, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, rugby 7s, soccer, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, volleyball and water polo.

Manitoba Table Tennis Association


Winnipeg & District Super League on the Home Stretch 

The Winnipeg & District Super League will end on June 14th after about 28 weeks of super-competitive play.  In this league, players play for themselves moving up or down divisions based upon their results the previous week.  After 21 weeks of play, Jeremy Tran is in firm control with a 37 Win/ 3 Loss record for a 93% average.  In second place is young Anna Liu with a 75% win / loss record.  A reminder to all players that the League final standings count as a double weight for the overall 2018-2019 Manitoba Circuit Standings…hope to see everyone out as the countdown begins.  Results, click here.


Ron Edwards Reporting


Sport Manitoba "Night of Champions"

Last season the M.T.T.A. nominated Darek Mikita as our nominee for the Official of the Year and unfortunately, he did not win.  For the 2018 program season, we nominated Matthew Lehmann for Athlete of the Year based upon his strong season playing abroad in Europe and his subsequent qualification for the team representing Canada at the 2018 World Team Championships in Sweden.  Well, again, unfortunately Matthew did not win, losing out to Andrew Harris of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers…as the saying goes…better luck next year!  Thanks to the “Chicken Producers of Manitoba” for supporting this excellent awards program run by Sport Manitoba and no doubt in a round-about-way they also support one of our sponsors-“Mary Brown’s Chicken & Taters”…very yummy I must add, the chicken burgers are excellent!

Ron Edwards Reporting


2019 Tournament of Champions

The top 16 players from the Open, Active 4 Life (>40), Junior Boys and Junior Girls categories were invited to compete in this season ending event held on Saturday April 13th.  Referee for the event was Gregory Chan and his Deputy was Greg Dzioba and this tournament they oversaw had some intense play for sure!  Matthew Lehmann bested Biruk Bekele to take the Open crown and to pull himself into a tie for the overall Circuit title with only the league results to still factor in.  Thadeus Jimenez had some excellent upset wins to make his first Open semi-final and he toped this off by defeating arch rival Michal Rybak to claim his first Over 40/ A4L Singles title.  Jeremy Tran won the Junior Boy’s title – this wasn’t surprising as he has dominated this event all season – but what was surprising was his close semi-final 5 set victory over Benji Dueck from Morden who had himself upset Devin Chong in the quarters.  In the final, Jeremy defeated Jeremy Huang who had defeated Yunyang Deng in the semi’s and he had also bested Yunyang in the Open Singles event as well.  So it was nice to see a couple of the U15 category boys knock off some of the U18’s!  In the Junior Girls final, Nibusha Loganathan claimed her first crown by knocking off top ranked Grace Qi in straight sets.  This was the last tournament of the Manitoba 2018-2019 calendar with just the League running to mid-June.  A lot of players will travel to the Sitco Team event in Saskatoon in May as preparations for the Canadian Junior Championships in July in PEI  heat up. Click here for TOC result, and click here for Circuit Standings (and to the link at the right). 


Ron Edwards Reporting


10th Annual Frontier High School Games
Table Tennis Results

The 10th Annual Frontier High School Games were held this past April 1st – 4th in Cranberry Portage.  The High School Games started up after the success of the Frontier Games that concluded their 45th edition this past March.  By starting the High School Games, it allowed for continuity for the kids from the 40 plus schools that make up the Frontier School Division to continue with participation in not only Table Tennis but also Archery, Volleyball, Trap Setting, Badminton, Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing.  For the first few years of the High School event, we were getting 60-70 kids signing up for table tennis which became just too unwieldy a number to handle especially since they could also compete in other sports.  For this year’s event, each of the 6 Regions could enter a maximum of 2 boys and 2 girls into each of the junior and senior varsity events.  These 24 athletes represented the North, East and West sport regions of Manitoba.



GOLD:  Diamond McKenzie, Mel Johnson School, Wabowden;

SILVER:  Kendall Jonasson, Mel Johnson School, Wabowden;

BRONZE:  Thea Bird, Black River School.


GOLD:  Kassidy Tobacco, Frontier Mosakahiken School, Moose Lake;

SILVER:  Tiffany Paul, Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre, Norway House;

BRONZE:  Juliet Simpson, Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre, Norway House.


GOLD:  Jayden Flatfoot, Minegoziibe Anishinabe School, Camperville;

SILVER:  Brady Trumbula, Rorketon School;

BRONZE:  Jonathan Fourre, Mel Johnson School, Wabowden.


GOLD:  Morgan Campbell, Mel Johnson School, Wabowden;

SILVER:  Josh Chartrand, Minegoziibe Anishinabe School, Camperville;

BRONZE:  Luke Folster, Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre, Norway House.

Thanks to Ted Smook from the F.C.I. Table Tennis Club as well as Brian McMillan and Heather Lowe from the Frontier School Division.

Ron Edwards Reporting.


Companies Setting the Table

Winpak Tournament

More and more on TV these days-both in advertisements and various TV shows and movies-you will notice table tennis!  The word is that table tennis is ultra-cool these days based upon more and more media stars (music/ screen/ stage/ politicians/ sports stars) partaking in the game at the various table tennis bars that are springing up across North America.  In Winnipeg, some companies have taken notice as well.  The employees of Manitoba Mukluks partake in table tennis on a regular basis and last fall HEB Manitoba employees did a team building exercise focused around table tennis that was held here at the Sport Manitoba Qualico Training Centre.  Then, in early April, employees from Winpak held their company tournament at the Centre:  congratulations to Ariel Begelfor who defeated Geoff Desposeda in the A final and to Andres Cruz who defeated Franco Villarin to capture the B title.  Most recently Head Coach Arvin Tronco and W.T.T.C. Coach Terry Zhang travelled to Volume Freight Solutions where they conducted a 2-hour clinic for employees on the company table that is getting pretty worn-out.    Ultimately table tennis is an easy sport to play but most difficult to master…but while you try, you exercise the body while simultaneously enhancing thought processes, mental functions and hand-eye coordination.  Stay tuned for a possible fall Heart & Stroke table tennis fundraiser tournament.


Ron Edwards Reporting


2019 Senior Canadian Championships

On March 6th, Team Manitoba - consisting of Terry Zhang, Biruk Beleke, and Matthew Lehmann, along with Arvin Tronco - headed to Markham, Ontario, for the 2019 Canadian Senior Championships.

In mixed doubles, Lehmann partnered with Sabrina Chen of Ontario, and had two upset wins on the way to the quarter finals before falling to a BC pair.

In men’s doubles, Beleke and Zhang made it to the quarter-finals, before losing to the eventual silver medalists from Quebec.  Lehmann was partnered with David Xu from Ontario, losing a hard-fought 3-1 match in the quarter-finals as well.

In men’s singles, Beleke finished second is his group, sending him to the C Division.  Zhang had the chance to move into A Division, losing 11-9 in the 5th and final set against David Xu.  Beleke and Zhang both finished their tournament at the quarter-finals in C Division.  Lehmann topped his group, moving onto the A Division with two 3-0 wins.  In the round of 16, Lehmann won 3-0 again, moving to the quarter-finals to play Canadian Olympian Eugene Wang.  Lehmann fought hard, winning the second set (one of only two players in the tournament to win a set against Eugene) before losing 4-1.

Matthew Lehmann Reporting


45th Annual Frontier Games Table Tennis Titles Decided


This year marked the 45th hosting of the annual Frontier Games which is a sporting event that brings together 400-500 athletes aged 10-14 years from 40 schools scattered across the East, North and West Sport Regions.  The dedication of the teachers, staff and kids to this event is amazing…imagine travelling on a bus for say about 18 hours from Beren’s River to Norway House etc.  Players that made these Games in Norway House are the best from the Frontier School Division’s six geographic areas.  Sports contested this season were Archery, Cross-Country Skiing, Volleyball, Indoor Soccer, Trap-Setting, Badminton, Snow Shoeing and of course Table Tennis.  24 athletes again contested the table tennis titles; 12 boys and 12 girls, the top 2 finalists from each of the 6 area’s Games.  When the ball finally stopped bouncing March 7th the results were as follows:


Gold:  Natahsa Disbrowe, Brochet School;

Silver:  Liviyah Semple, Beren’s River School;

Bronze:  Deja Tait, Mel Johnson School, Wabowden.


Gold:  Curtis Flett, Mel Johnson School, Wabowden;

Silver:  Owen Hunnie-Menow, Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre, Norway House;

Bronze:  Leslie Azure, Wabowden.

Congratulations to all players and especially to players from Mel Johnson School and to their Coach Mason Campbell who was one of the players in the M.T.T.A.’s 2019 Canada Winter Games Training Program.  Kudos as always to Heather Lowe and Brian McMillan from the Frontier School Division for their tireless efforts in allowing these kids to compete in sport year after year.  Also, thank you to M.T.T.A. Referee Mr. Gregory Chan for running the event and to his young helper from Nicaragua Mr. Carlos Cuadro…I had told Carlos that we had a big province and that he was going to see a lot of snow, ice, rock and trees on the way up…he had warm clothes, ear plugs and said that he was not disappointed.

Ron Edwards Reporting


April 13th - The Crusty Bun Tournament of Champions Player Invitation

The Player Invitation for the Crusty Bun Tournament of Champions can be found here.


Manitoba Open Titles Decided

The 2019 Manitoba Open was held this past March 2nd and 3rd at Daniel MacIntyre Collegiate.  This event was our last “Open” event of the season and now the top 16 players from the season long Circuit in the “Pro-Open”, “>40 Active 4 Life”, “Junior Boys” and “Junior Girls” events will be invited to compete April 13th in the Tournament of Champions.

This year’s event was also held immediately prior to the Canadian Senior Championships.  Top Provincial male players Matthew Lehmann, Biruk Bekele and Terry “Tian” Zhang all making the semi-finals along with U of M player Yi Fan Lu.  Matthew defeated Biruk in three straight to claim the title and positively prep himself for the Nationals that starts March 7th.

Michal Rybak won the >40 event making it now four out of four titles for the 2018-2019 season.  Number two, Thadeus Jimenez will no doubt go back to his P.C.C.M. club to rethink his strategy.  Jeremy Tran-fresh off his 10th place singles finish at the Canada Winter Games-bested team-mate Gordon Chow in four games to take the Junior Boy’s title and Grace Qi defeated Anna Liu in a very tight 5 game nail bitter to claim the girls crown.  RESULTS FROM THE OTHER EVENTS are linked here and to the right.  CIRCUIT STANDINGS  are also linked to the right.

M.T.T.A. sponsor-Andreas Ingenfeld from THE CRUSTY BUN,  will have some exciting prizes for the April event.

Ron Edwards Reporting


Table tennis coach pleased with Canada Games performance

After a pair of fourth place finishes in table tennis, Team Manitoba head coach Arvin Tronco says the tournament was a major success for his team.   “I’m very proud of my athletes,” Tronco said. “Everyone had some ups and downs in their matchups. They lost some tough matches but came back strong.”   “These kids work hard,” he continued. “They practice four times a week…I know they put a lot of effort in to win.”

Doubles partners Jeremy Tran and Carol-Jean Wong narrowly missed out on a bronze medal, losing to Alberta on Thursday morning. Tran also played in a men’s team event bronze medal match earlier in the week.

“Disappointing I lost both of them but overall it was still a pretty good tournament,” Tran said.
With the tournament now complete, Tran says he enjoyed his experience in Red Deer.

“It was fun,” he said. “Met a lot of new people, you get to know people from different places in Canada, trade pins, obviously that’s a lot of fun. Now we get to relax and go watch other sports.”

Tran, 17, has now played in two Canada Games. He says he wants to stay involved with the sport in some capacity moving forward.

“I’m definitely going to stick around, maybe not competitively, but definitely just as a hobby, go out and have some fun, maybe coach a bit.”

Tronco added that the sport is growing in Manitoba, with 60-100 players competing on the Manitoba circuit every year.

Like Tran, Tronco enjoyed the Canada Games experience. It was his first time as a head coach at the event.

“Lots of planning and organizing, it’s overwhelming and it’s stressful but at the same time it’s enjoyable,” he said. “I enjoy coaching kids, I enjoyed watching them. I felt good every time they won a match. The most important thing for me is to see them at their best, that’s a good reward on my part.”

Now that the competition has wrapped up, Tronco is looking forward to getting back to Manitoba.
“Yeah, I miss my daughter,” he laughed.

Interview courtesy of TEAM TOBA


TTEAM TOBA at Canada Winter Games 2019: 5th Overall

CANADA WINTER GAMES 2019 fever has finally come to an end!  It's been a week since we got back here in Winnipeg but seems like I still didn't recover with all the excitement and unforgettable experience when I'm coaching everyone during games. I would like to congratulate you all for a job well done!
I guess I already said all the things I want to say in my interview at Sport Manitoba/ “TEAM TOBA” press so  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for a great performance at the Canada Winter Games.  Even though we didn't  bring home any medals, I’m proud of you all. "It's all about the journey, not the outcome."  At the end of the day, the finish line is not the goal. The goal is to have the best start to finish you can possibly have. If you give everything in your game, then you've won, regardless of the matches you came up short in. When you have the best journey, you win!

Here is my short message to all of you:

GORDON CHOW - Every match, every game, every moment is a blank canvas. What you do with your opportunity can either be a kindergarten finger painting experience or it can be The Persistence of Memory. Whatever you do with those opportunities defines the way you’ll be remembered as an athlete and as a competitor.

YUNYANG DENG - when you are in competition, you have to leave everything on the table of competition. You can’t hold back and hope that you have enough for tomorrow. The best competitors leave the table with no regrets and with nothing left in their tank. That’s the type of effort you have to give every match.

JEREMY TRAN - When you have the ability, that is the first part. Next, you have to develop your mental strength and intestinal fortitude. That’s what pushes you to reach the next level. When you have nothing left in the tank, your mind can reach down into the depths and pull out another round you didn’t even know was there.

CAROL JEAN WONG - Everyone wants to win. You never run into someone who is trying to lose or even happy to lose. When people say “it’s how you play the game,” they quit a long time before that. Preparing to win is much more difficult than wanting to win. Preparing to win starts in the mind and the heart and then it proceeds into the training room and the practice field.

Anna Liu - That's what learning is, after all; not whether we lose the game, but how we lose and how we've changed because of it and what we take away from it that we never had before, to apply to other games. Losing, in a curious way, is winning.

Nibusha Loganathan - When you reach that next level, it’s when you believe in yourself. You simply know that you’re better than your opponent. It doesn’t matter how talented they are, you have to face them down and reach inside to give more than you have. When you finally bring that maximum effort, you will unlock your fullest potential.


Jeremy Tran - Boys Singles 10th place out of 33
Yunyang Deng - Boys Singles 17th place out of 33
Gordon Chow - Boys Singles 19th place out of 33
Carol Jean Wong - Girls Singles 13th place out of 33
Anna Liu - Girls Singles 26th place out of 33
Nibusha Loganathan - Girls Singles 21st Place out of 33

Boys Doubles - 8th Place
Girls Doubles - 6th Place
Mix Doubles - 4th Place
Boys Team Event: 4th Place
Girls Team Event: 6th Place

Coach Tronco Reporting


P.C.C.M. to Host Table Tennis Coaches Course - April 20, 2019

The Philippine Canadian Centre of Manitoba, 737 Keewatin Street, will host a coaching course for all parents, teachers, players, community club workers who want to learn about table tennis.  Registration is $50 but it is restricted to the first ten sign-ups.  The Course Conductor is Mr. Mario Potvin who is the Coach Development Manager for Table Tennis Canada.  On hand to help, will be Mr. Arvin Tronco-of the P.C.C.M. and Head Coach for the Manitoba Table Tennis Association.  CLICK HERE FOR THE SIGN-UP FORM.  Hope to see you out.


Ron Edwards Reporting


The Ball Keeps Bouncing in La Broquerie

This past Wednesday February 6th Ron Edwards, Coach Tronco and visiting player Carlos Cuadra from Nicaragua travelled to the Hylife Centre in La Broquerie, Eastern Sport Region to drop off a third table for their table tennis program and to do a coaching/ skills clinic for the local kids and Club Coordinator Ian Dickey.  The club got started last winter when the M.T.T.A. donated 2 tables, nets, paddles and balls  with funding we receive from Sport Manitoba under it’s “Sport Initiation” level of programming.  Last year the after-school club was a great success with an average of 10-12 players per night.  This Wednesday the response was pretty good considering how cold it was and the kids were enthused by the games, drills and robot that we utilized to introduce this group of players to the sport.  The club will run after school this year on Wednesday nights from 3:30 to about 5/ 5:30 pm and interested local players can contact Ian Dickey at the Leisure Services office at 204-424-5251 for more details.

Ron Edwards Reporting


U of M Table Tennis Players Dominate Golden Boy Open

Matthew Lehmann took the Men’s Singles title this past February 2nd at the Golden Boy Open.  Matthew, a University of Manitoba student and organizer of the local U of M table tennis club, was expecting to face perennial opponents Biruk Bekele, Terry “Tian” Zhang or perhaps top Junior Jeremy Tran.  However, this was not to be.  Instead, he faced fellow U of M player and his sparring partner Yi Fan Lu in the final.  Lu, who had bested Bekele in the semi’s, was no match for his school-mate falling in three straight sets.  Lehmann teamed up with young Grace Qi to capture the doubles title over Bekele and U of W player Phuong Nguyen.  Jeremy defeated his Canada Winter Games team-mate Yunyang Deng to take the Boy’s Under 18 title.  On the Junior Girl’s side, Grace proved too strong for Anna Liu who fell in four games.  Michal Rybak continued his season-long dominance over Thadeus Jimenez to take the over 40 years singles title.  Although the weather was cold, the turnout was good with players from Morden, Warren, St. Andrews making the trip.  Complete results can be found here.


Ron Edwards Reporting


Area 3 Regional Frontier Games - Table Tennis

Wanipigow School in Hollow Water played host to the Regional’s this past January 30th to February first.  Despite the frigid temperatures, athletes from 7 schools contested table tennis, badminton, archery, volleyball, soccer, trap-setting, cross country skiing and snowshoeing.  The table tennis event featured the top 11 boys and 10 girls who had qualified from their schools.  Three schools captured two medals each.  These were Beren’s River, Little Black River and Falcon Beach.  Congratulations to the players from these schools and their coaches Florencio Castillo, Richard Shead and Sven Divay respectively…and again a loud shout-out to Heather Lowe and the Frontier School Division for making this excellent and unique sporting event a reality ever year!  The winners from this Regional event advance to the finals’ March 6-8th in Norway House against the winners from the 5 other regions…and, last but not least, thanks to Danielle Brown and her Phys. Ed. partner Anthony Seymour for the excellent job they did hosting these games.

Table Tennis Results – Boy’s:

GOLD:  Nathaniel Bird, Little Black River;
SILVER:  Tyvon Disbrowe, Beren’s River;
BRONZE:  Challen Carlson, Falcon Beach.


Table Tennis Results – Girl’s:

GOLD:  Liviyah Semple, Beren’s River;
SILVER:  Delany Turner, Falcon Beach;
BRONZE:  Kadence Starr, Little Black River.


Ron Edwards Reporting


Manitoba Sets the Table For Canada Winter Games

After three eventful tryouts that commenced last March, Manitoba announced its lineup for the 2019 Canada Winter Games:  Boy’s Under 18 Team:  Yunyang Deng, Jeremy Tran, Gordon Chow and first alternate Devin Chong.  Girl’s Under 18 Team:  Anna Liu, Carol-Jean Wong, Nibusha Loganathan and first alternate Joyce Liu.  Congratulations to these athletes and a thank you to everyone who tried out at the Manitoba Games last winter and this past fall at the Red River and Manitoba Championships.   Good luck to all and Head Coach Tronco and Coach/ Manager Nguyen who depart for Red Deer, Alberta on February 14th with play kicking off on the 15th.  Go TOBA GO!

Phuong Nguyen Reporting


Quebec Circuit Canada Winter Games Warm-up Event

After three years of missing the “Big Bang” tournament in Quebec, TEAM TOBA finally came back to Laval to play Quebec’s Circuit #4 this past January 25th and 26th.  Exams prevented Carol and Yunyang from participating, so we brought dedicated up-and-comers Grace Qi and Jeremy Huang to round out our team.  Both these youngsters played well in their single’s matches on the first day and on the second day, they two ended up beating three teams to win first place in their team group match.  Anna and Nibusha both played very well in singles matches as well and had super close team matches, almost beating all the teams in their group.  The older boys Jeremy and Gordon were in tough but overall played well in both singles and team event. It was great to be back in Quebec surrounded by so many players and parents. We hope to be back soon to face the many, many competitors Quebec has but first it will be off to the Canada Winter Games!

Phuong Nguyen Reporting


Manitoba Closed Championships ... Upsets Abound...

The Manitoba Closed Championships and the third and final Canada winter Games tryouts were held on Saturday December 15th at Daniel MacIntyre Collegiate.  In the Open Singles final, Biruk Bekele defeated Jeremy Tran in three sets to one; top ranked Matthew Lehmann couldn’t compete due to a University examination.  Jeremy’s backhand seemed to be on fire but his forehand deserted him.  Biruk looked to be in very fine physical condition and Jeremy had no chance without to win without being able to keep forehand pressure on Biruk.  The upsets in the Open were recorded by young Benji Dueck of Morden.  In group play he knocked off Yunyang Deng and followed by Nhoel Manalo in the knock-out stages to claim sixth place overall.  Not bad considering he was ranked 14th heading into the event.

The Boy’s Canada Winter Games tryouts also featured some upsets.  In group play, Jeremy Huang bested number four seed Devin Chong to take top spot in his group.  This gave him a preferred spot in the quarter finals where he bested Jason Li.  Meanwhile, Devin’s loss meant that he would be drawn against a group winner.  As luck of the draw would have it, he drew top seed Jeremy Tran.  Wow, Devin’s game was spot on and he prevailed over Jeremy in a tight 5 setter but lost to Gordon Chow in the semi’s.  So in Boy’s play, top seeded Jeremy Tran finished fifth, Jeremy Huang forth, Devin Chong third, Gordon Chow second and Yunyang Deng was the champion.

In Girl’s Under 18 play, Grace Qi claimed top spot and Anna Liu took second; they both had upset wins over Carol-Jean Wong.

Complete results can be found to the right as well as the Circuit Standings after two events and the combined final standings for the three Canada Winter Games tryouts.


Ron Edwards Reporting



Lehmann Bounces Back & Canada Games Tryouts Continue

Doubles Finals:  Yi Fan Lu, Alejandro Pelaez, Matthew Lehmann, Carol-Jean Wong

Manitoba’s top-ranked player-Matthew Lehmann-is back in Winnipeg after two years of training and competing abroad in Europe; his experience was capped with his participation in the World Championships last spring in Halmstad, Sweden. Matthew is now entering his first year of study at the University of Manitoba where he is of course heading up the U of M table tennis club where he hopes to challenge the University of Winnipeg team headed up by his female counterpart Phuong Nguyen…but more on this another time….

Saturday November 17th saw the first Manitoba tournament of the year come down-the Red River Closed and Canada Games Tryout’s #2. Participation was good with 56 players from the Winnipeg, South, East and West sport region’s competing. Matthew was entered in two events-the Open Singles and the Open Doubles. In the Open he defeated Biruk Bekele three straight at 11-9, 11-8, 11-8. He then partnered with Carol-Jean Wong to defeat U of M doubles players Yi Fan Lu and Alejandro Pelaez in four games. Carol for her part easily won the Girl’s C.W.G. Tryout’s #2 besting Anna Liu 3-0. In Boy’s C.W.G. tryout action Jeremy Tran defeated Yunyang Deng 3-1 to virtually assure his spot in February in Red Deer.

In the >40 Years/ Active 4 Life Circuit event final, perennial favorite Michal Rybak defeated Thadeus Jimenez of the Filipino Club 3-1.

It was good to see so many young up-and-comers…lots and lots of players pushing the older more established ones across all of the events.


Keep you rubber fresh, hope to see everyone out and active at our many clubs and programs.

Ron Edwards Reporting


Annual General Meeting - October 24th

NOTICE:  ANNUAL MEETING OF MEMBERS & 2017-2018 SEASON AWARDS will be held Wednesday October 24th, 6-10 pm, at Sport Manitoba, 145 Pacific Avenue.  Click here for complete details.


New Outdoor Tables for Morden!

Tim Harsant, Facility Maintenance and Rick Paracholski, By-Law Officer were the first to try the new table at the Access Event Centre.

The City of Morden is adding three new outdoor ping pong tables to the line-up of recreation opportunities residents and visitors can enjoy.  The three tables will be set up at the Lake Minnewasta Campground, Morden Park, and at the Access Event Centre.

“We love to bring new options to Morden to help people stay active,” said Morden Community Services and Events Manager, Clare Agnew. “As with tennis, please bring your own paddle and balls if interested in playing ping pong.”

Imperia Management and the Clark Elder Memorial Fund sponsored the purchase of the three ping-pong tables.

“Thank you to Clare Agnew and City of Morden for providing Imperia Group with the opportunity to fund the outdoor ping pong tables. We, at Imperia, are excited to see the growth of the community, and wish that people of many backgrounds will have hours of fun playing ping pong!” said Volodymyr Shynke from Imperia.

“The ping pong tables are a great use of the Clark Elder memorial funds. His sister Brooke Thiessen and I hope that they are a source of community recreational enjoyment for many years to come,” shared Clark’s mom, Cheryl Digby.


2018 Canadian Table Tennis Championships


The 2018 Canadian Table Tennis Championships were held July 3-8 at the Fortius Sport and Health Centre in Burnaby, BC.   Please read the 'Coach's Corner' for Coach Arvin's report on the event. Congratulations to all Manitoba athletes, coaches and officials!


Winnipeg Super Leage & Manitoba Circuit Titles Decided

Earlier this summer, the ball stopped bouncing in the year-long Winnipeg & District Super League and the Manitoba Tournament Circuit. Winnipeg’s young Jeremy Tran -a leading candidate for Manitoba’s 2019 Canada Winter Games Team- won three out of the three titles that he was in the running for. In the Winnipeg Super League, he had a record of 88 wins and only 3 losses to claim victory over Aldwin Dinoso of the Filipino Table Tennis Club who had a record of 57 wins and 26 losses and young up-and-comer Grace Qi in third place with 34 wins and 19 losses.

With his win in the Super League -and it’s double weighting for the Manitoba Circuit- Jeremy vaulted past Manitoba table tennis royalty Terry “Tian” Zhang and the cagey veteran Biruk Bekele. Jeremy also won the Youth Circuit crown finshing ahead of top female player Phuong Nguyen and Junior team-mate Yunyang Deng. All in all, young Jeremy took home $500 of the total pot of $2,500! Well done!

Complete final standings are linked on the right under “2017-2018 Results.”

Ron Edwards Reporting


MTTA Summer Junior Camp

This is the last week to register for the MTTA Summer Junior Camp.    The Beginner Camp is open to young players who are new or relatively new to the sport.   The Intermediate Camp is for more experienced players - please contact Matthew Lehmann if you are unsure which camp to register for.


Winnipeg Table Tennis Training Centre Now Open!

Hello all Winnipeg table tennis and “ping pong” players.  For decades now, the Manitoba Table Tennis Association has been running programming for athletes of all ages and abilities from the entry level up to Provincial Team level.  We travel to schools and deliver fundamental coaching clinics, we book gym time at local schools and community centres and offer Junior Developmental lessons for those recruits who want to try.  We run comprehensive training programs for athlete’s hoping to make Manitoba’s provincial teams (the “Hopefulls” Program) and of course our Provincial Squads Training Program to develop our best players to represent the province at Canadian Championships and the Canada Winter Games.  We also book gym time for recreational play 3-4 times a week at our “Active 4 Life” program and run the $2,000 Manitoba Tournament Circuit and the $500 Winnipeg and District Super League.  However much this is, it is often not enough…a lot of our programming happens evenings and weekends at local schools and community centers.  What about persons on shift work, what about players of all ages that are really keen and would love to play even more, what about those players who would love to take private lessons in their quest to become the best…

...well, it has arrived.  THE WINNIPEG TABLE TENNIS TRAINING CENTRE opened their doors earlier this month at 3525 Pembina Highway as you enter St. Norbert on the right-hand side.  The club is affiliated with the M.T.T.A. and offers semi-private and private lessons for players of all ages and ability levels.  Players receive instruction and lessons from 4 x Canadian Cadet Champion Terry “Tian” Zhang, Shaun “Xiang” Guo and Poyz Riankasemsakul.  All these coaches are N.C.C.P. and R.I.S. certified (National Coaching Certification/ Respect In Sport) and they are in constant contact with Provincial team Head Coach Arvin Tronco to ensure that players get the best programming possible.  To get MORE INFORMATION PHONE 204-890-5139/ EMAIL; or click on their log/ link on the bottom left side under Partners.


Manitoba Dominates the SITCO International Teams Open

This past May long weekend, the Manitoba team went to compete in the annual Saskatchewan Teams Tournament called “SITCO.”. It was a great experience for many of the younger players (whom for many was the first time going on a trip with the team), and a great opportunity for the older players, and our beloved Coach Arvin to show off their skills. We all played our hardest and we won 2 out of the 3 divisions only losing to Saskatchewan in the finals of the B Division.

The higher-level players played some impressive matches, making amazing shots, and had us all awed. Of course, the younger players also won many heated matches. They played against some talented young Edmonton players and in the end prevailed. Myself and my team members Jason Li, and Julian Liu made many upsets against some higher rated players too and surprised them by taking many games where they thought they had us. We also had some good teaching moments as Coach Arvin made some of the higher-level opponents look like Childs play.

At the end the results were more than decent. In the C Division we had our girls’ team “Demigodz” consisting of Anna Liu, Grace Qi, and Joyce Liu coming in at second place only losing to another one of our teams, the “Titanz” which was made up of Benji Dueck, Hongjun Feng, and Kieran Buchburger. My team which was called “We Smash Hard” came in at 2nd place in the B division, with myself (Jeremy Huang), Jason Li, and Julian Liu putting up a good fight against the Saskatchewan Team for the finals. Finally, we have team “Battle Pass” consisting of Jeremy Tran, Gordon Chow, and Yunyang Deng coming in at 1st place in Division A pulling of a extremely close 5-4 win against some of the top players from Alberta or Saskatchewan?... ( I don’t know which province Jeremy and the others played against for the finals)…but I do know they won $750 first place prize…should they pay their Coach?...maybe buy him a drink at least?

We all enjoyed the trip and had some fun too. We went out for some amazing food every day and tried some Asian Cuisine as well. Shout-outs to Coach Arvin for coaching us when we needed it the most, I would also like to thank Song, Trevor and Norman for driving the long trip here and back. I would like to thank the MTTA and everyone who organized the trip for giving us such a great opportunity, and learning experience.

Jeremy Huang Reporting. 


World Team Championships

From April 29 to May 6, I had the honour of competing at the 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championships in Halmstad, Sweden.  I was one of five Canadian Men sent to be a part of the team representing Canada at the tournament.  Canada also sent a team of 5 women.

The Table Tennis Team World Championships take place every two years.  This edition had 87 different countries participating and 595 players competing!  Fans from around Sweden and the world flocked to Halmstad to see the event live.

The small city of Halmstad was completely transformed for the event, with signs and posters on every street and in every shop window in the city centre.  

There are 3 divisions at the World Championships.  Canada competed in Division 2.  It was a tough division for a very young team.  We will be working hard to come back stronger in two years!

I'm back to training now, and am looking forward to representing Manitoba at the Canadian Championships in British Columbia in July!

Matthew Lehmann


Welcome to Andi Ingenfeld and "The Crusty Bun"

When one thinks of Germany you often think of delicious cold beers, tremendous football teams (i.e. “real football” that is in Canada called “Soccer”) top level table tennis players and also yummy food products. Well, here in Winnipeg we have a combination of the later two. Andreas Ingenfeld – or Andi – for short, is one of the M.T.T.A.’s most active recreational players. When he is not out knocking the ball around, he can usually be found at one of his two bakeries…The Crusty Bun on St. Mary’s Road or the second location on Headmaster Row. The M.T.T.A. welcome Andi and “The Crusty Bun” and we invite you to drop in to either location for coffee and freshly baked goods.

Ron Edwards Reporting


President Mikita Honoured at the Table

Long-time M.T.T.A. President Darek Mikita was recently doubly honored.  First-off, he represented Canada as our Blue Badge Umpire on duty at the Commonwealth Games held on Australia’s Gold Coast and he was then nominated for Sport Manitoba’s Official of the Year Award.  Here is a picture of Darek with his compatriots in Australia; Darek is immediate top-left off of the “G” in Gold Coast.  Well done Darek.  Next up - Darek, Gregory Chan and Greg Dzioba - will be working at the Canadian Junior Open in Vancouver and Greg Dzioba is off to the Australian Open in July.  Congrats to Darek and the rest of our Blue Badge International Level Umpires.

Ron Edwards Reporting


9th Annual Frontier High School Games

On April 18-20th the town of Leaf Rapids hosted the Games.  Table tennis was contested along with Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Badminton, Archery, Basketball and Trap Setting.

Entries this year in the table tennis event were capped at 12 boys and girls in each of the Junior and Senior Varsity categories; thus the top 48 players form the world’s largest school division were present to do battle!  Players were pooled into 4 groups of three for each event with the top 2 advancing from each group to the quarter finals.  When the last ball was struck, the results were as follows:

Junior Girls:
Gold:  Kassidy Tobacco, F.M.S. / Moose Lake
Silver:  Krista Bird, Black River
Bronze:  Tiffany Paul, H.B.O. / Norway House

Senior Girls:
Gold:  Autumn Dixon, H.B.O. / Norway House
Silver:  Shekinah Bradburn, F.C.I. / Cranberry Portage
Bronze:  Juliet Simpson, H.B.O. / Norway House

Junior Boys:
Gold:  Peter Dorion, F.M.S. / Moose Lake
Silver:  Jason McKay, Birdtail Sioux
Bronze:  Parker Apetagon, H.B.O. / Norway House

Senior Boys:
Gold:  Terrence Campbell, F.C.I. / Cranberry Portage
Silver:  Luke Folster, H.B.O. / Norway House
Bronze:  David O’Quinn, M.A.S. / Camperville

Thanks again to Heather Lowe and Brian McMillan from the Frontier School Division who host this amazing event.  Also, Mason Campbell from Wabowden, I am truly sorry that you and your team-mates couldn’t compete…I know you would have given your cousin Terrence a run for his money!

Ron Edwards Reporting


Manitoba Tournament of Champions
Bekele Bounces Zhang!

Saturday April 14, 2018
Daniel MacIntyre Collegiate

On Saturday April 14th the top 16 Pros’, Juniors, Cadets and >40 Years stars were invited to compete in the $500 TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS.  Invited players accumulated points in the Manitoba Closed, Red River, Golden Boy and Manitoba Open events.  This prestigious event is our season “finale” and our last event before we select teams for the Canadian Championships and Sitco Team events.

In the “Pro-Open” event, Terry “Tian” Zhang was coming off three straight victories in the Closed, Golden Boy and Manitoba Open events.  As per at the Open, his final opponent was the always cagey Biruk Bekele.  This time round, Biruk had a relatively easy 4-2 final romp to claim the TOC Pro-Open Title and cash and trophy.  However, the win left him still in second place overall in the Circuit Standings with young Jeremy Tran nipping at his heels…

…speaking of Jeremy, for the third Circuit tournament in a row he came up short against arch-rival Yunyang “The Hammer” Deng losing easily at -3, -8, 6 and -7.  Jeremy, however, did best Yunyang 2x at the recent Canada Winter Games tryouts so the fierce rivalry continues.

The biggest surprise occurred in the >40 Years Active 4 Life event.  Perennial powerhouse and 2016 Canadian Champion in Men’s >50 – Michal Rybak – failed to advance to the final.  He was bounced in the semi’s by P.C.C.M. player Nhoel Manalo who lost in the final to club-mate Thadeus Jimenez.

In the Cadet Singles event, young Benji Dueck from the Morden Table Tennis Club took home the title besting Ben Vu in a close 5 games.  Benji’s coolness under pressure reaffirmed that his recent Canada Winter Games tryout results (4th overall) was not a fluke and the result moved him into a tie for second in the Cadet Circuit standings.

The Winnipeg & District Super League counts for double weighting in the Circuit and so it is the last chance for players to earn points towards the final season ending cash payouts…young Jeremy Tran is apparently already smacking his lips together in anticipation of a big payday….COMPLETE RESULTS ARE ATTACHED LOWER RIGHT-SIDE.

Next up for players is the Sitco Team event in Saskatchewan on the May long weekend followed by the Canadian Championships in July.

Ron Edwards Reporting


Valley Gardens School Table Tennis

Each winter, teacher and Community Initiation certified table tennis coach Elizabeth Edwards runs a table tennis program deep in the bowels of Valley Garden School.  Down there the school has 10-12 table tennis and “ping Pong” tables in varying conditions.  Anyways, each spring after she delivers the program, she runs some tournaments for the grade 6-7 students.  This spring the winners were as follows:

GRADE 7 TOURNAMENT:  1ST= Lucas Prezniak/ 2nd=Corbin Sutton/ 3rd=Gurshan Ubhi.

GRADE 6 TOURNAMENT:  1ST=Jordan Johnston/ 2nd=Easton Kutcher/ 3rd=Marina Hagos.

Congratulations to all players.

Ron Edwards Reporting


Frontier Table Tennis Titles Decided

Joseph H. Kerr School in Snow Lake played host to the 44th Frontier Games.  This year’s event attracted 386 athletes, coaches and chaperones from 30 different schools.  The table tennis event was contested by the top 12 boys and 12 girls who qualified through their Regional playoffs; top 2 boys and top 2 girls from each of six regions. This represented athletes from 11 different schools from Norman, Eastman, Parkland and Westman Sport Regions.

Again, the level of play was improved over the previous season with all of the best 3 out of 5 matches well contested.  The only negative was that the number of “legal” paddles used was at about an all time low…many, many players with straight wood paddles or those with the top rubber sheets peeled off. 


Girl’s Singles:

Gold:  Maureen Thompson, Philomene Chartrand School, Camperville;

Silver:  Jane Bird, Black River Anishinabe School, O’Hanley;

Bronze:  Chantara Ettawakapow, Frontier Mosakahiken School, Moose Lake.

Boy’s Singles:

Gold:  Bradley Branth, Chan Kagha Otina Dakota Wayawa Tipi School, Birdtail;

Silver:  T. J. Menard, Philomene Chartrand School, Camperville;

Bronze:  Jamie Anderson, Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre, Norway House.

Thanks to former Provincial Team player Ted Smook for helping run the event and for all of his expertise and patience for playing countless points against countless challengers.  Also thanks to Brian MacMillan and Heather Lowe for having the M.T.T.A. up to help run this outstanding Manitoba sporting event.

Ron Edwards Reporting


Manitoba Winter Games - Results

The details for the 2018 Mantioba Winter Games (schedule, results, volunteering opportunties) can be found here.


Seniors Still Competing at Table Tennis

See CBC article about the 'little' sport doing big things at a Toronto retirement home -  here.


Coaching Course - April 28, 2018

Arvin Tronco, MTTA Head Coach will host a one day work-shop for all players, parents, teachers, parks & rec. workers who want to learn how to teach beginners the sport of table tennis.  Click here for more information and registration form.


Golden Boy Open - Tran Bounces Bekele!

The Golden Boy Open was held this past February 10th at Daniel MacIntyre Collegiate lower gymnasium.  Players from Winnipeg, Interlake and Central sport regions contested the medals.  In the Pro-Open Singles, 30 players competed.  Matches from the group stage through to the finals were hard fought.  2019 Canada Winter Games hopeful Jeremy Tran had an up and down tournament.  After easily losing the Youth final to team-mate Yunyang Deng in straight sets (-5, -6, -7) he played the match of his life to best 2016-2017 Circuit Champion Biruk Bekele in the semi-finals in seven games.  The champ was knocked out and Jeremy advanced to face the always dangerous Terry “Tian” Zhang in the final.  No contest, an exhausted Jeremy lost to Terry in 4 straight games.  Newcomer Richard Elendu continued to impress by making it three out of three for reaching the finals in the Active 4 Life > 40 years event.  This time however, 2016 > 5o Years Canadian Champion Michal Rybak was absent and Richard was up against Thadeus Jimemez.  Thadeus prevailed in a close four setter.  The youngsters from Morden continue to improve with Benji Dueck taking second in the Cadet A Division losing to Jason Li and his teammate Joel Geake took bronze in the Cadet second division.  Top female players Phuong Nguyen lost her ¼ final match in the Pro-Open and Anna Liu took 2nd spot in the Cadet B Division.  The next open tournament is the Manitoba Open on March 17th & 18th.  Complete results and Circuit Standings are located to the right.

Ron Edwards Reporting


Manitoba Athletes Get Canada Cup Experience

This past January 20-21 the MTTA sent our top 3 junior boys to participate in the CANADA CUP held at the Fortious Sports and Health Centre in Burnaby, British Columbia.  It was a great experience for Jeremy Tran, Yunyang Deng and Gordon Chow to play in such a competitive tournament where they had a chance to measure their skills against some of Canada’s best players.

Jeremy reached the round of 16 in the U-2150 rating event and the round of 32 in the MEN’S OPEN; 51 players entered this event.  Yunyang and Gordon both advanced to the round of 32 in the U-1750 rating event and were knocked out of their groups in Men’s Singles play.  Yunyang got an opportunity to play against Canadian #14 Meng Gu from British Columbia and did a great job of not giving up any easy points… he made some incredible shots with his “cold blooded backhand drive” and had Meng shaking his head wondering where these backhands were coming from.  Gordon showed his “never back down” mentality against some good players and never got intimidated regardless of whom he was playing against.  Jeremy played at a high level losing his round of 32 Men’s match 13-11 in the fifth game to a player from Alberta.

In general, it was a perfect event to gain experience on how to play in a high-level environment.  It was also an eye opening for our junior boys to motivate themselves to grind hard in practice because there are a lot of good players they know about and maybe some others from other provinces that they don’t;  they must be prepared to play their best against all-comers.

Coach Tronco Reporting


US Open Table Tennis Championships

Greg Dzioba Umpiring on Court 1 

With over 130 tables in one venue, show courts, vendor displays, and more than 850 athletes from over 25 countries - the US Open it is a sight to behold!   There are table tennis events for all athletes and all levels - with rating events, age group events, team events, doubles, singles and even
`sandpaper` and `hard bat`events.

This year the US Open was held in Las Vegas December 17-22 (a great time to escape Manitoba's winter!).

MTTA officials were at the US Open in full force.   Like athletes, International Umpires need to be at the top of their game, and that experience comes from officiating at top level events.   Darek Mikita, Greg Dzioba, Royle Derbitsky, and Gregory Chan were in Las Vegas to officiate and to be evaluated which is required to achieve and maintain their Blue Badge and White Badge designations.

With athletes from BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba, Canada was well represented.

Manitoba athlete, Matthew Lehmann, focused on doubles at the US Open.   In Mens Doubles, teamed with Edison Huang (BC), the MB/BC team reached the quarter finals.   The MB/BC team was up 2-0 against eventual finalists Kanak Jha and Bob Chen of the US.   The fourth game was a 15-13 loss, giving Jha and Chen a run for their money, but Lehmann and Huang ended with a 4-2 loss.

Huang/Lehmann vs Jha/Chen

In mixed doubles, Lehmann was teamed with Andrea Pavlovic (Croatia).   Lehmann and Pavlovic had the unfortunate luck of meeting eventual US Open mixed doubles champions Kohei Morimoto and Yuki Shoji (Japan), losing 4-1 in the round of 32.   [Of note, Morimoto was a finalist in Men's Singles, and Shoji won Women's Singles.].

Pavlovic/Lehmann vs Shoji/Morimoto

From a spectator standpoint, the US Open is always a fun tournament with so many interesting people, easy access from the hotels to the venue, and a chance to watch high-level table tennis.

Mark Lehmann reporting


Terry's Revenge at the Manitoba Closed Table Tennis Championships

Sam Charach receiving award from Coach Tronco at the MB Closed

On Saturday November 18th, young Terry Zhang was up 3-0 in the best of seven final against wily veteran Biruk Bekele when somehow the unthinkable happened and he dropped 4 straight games to lose in the Pro-Open final 3-4…”really?...people were thinking…”Terry, up three straight and he lost?” What was going on?

Well, on Saturday December 16th, the Manitoba Closed Pro-Open final again featured Terry against Biruk. In the semi’s, Terry made it past former #7 Woman’s player in Canada Rongge Zhang with a convincing 4-1 win; however, Rongge was far from top form…but that’s a story for another day. Biruk meanwhile, dropped up-and-comer Jeremy Tran in 4 straight sets; young Jeremy still doesn’t have the strength nor power nor guile to best the big boys. On to the final…an exciting seven-setter 11-5, 4-11, 11-7, 11-6, 9-11, 7-11, 11-7. Well done Terry to outlast the always dangerous Biruk who seems to be playing better and better…if only Coach Tronco could get him into the gym more often so that when the Nationals rolls around he could compete for the Canadian title?

In the Youth final, Jeremy bested Phuong Nguyen in 4 sets after Phuong bested each of Harkaran Singh-Sohal and Yunyang Deng in 5 sets in the quarters and semi’s respectively.

The Active 4 Life final was a repeat of the Red River final with Michal Rybak besting newcomer Richard Elendu in straight sets. Richard promises to figure in the Pro-Open mix in the future once he gets his physical conditioning in order.

Canada Winter Games female hopefull Anna Liu bested a fast improving Jason Li 3-0 to capture her first Cadet Singles crown.

Sweet revenge and more dollars flowed into Terry’s pocket as he and Gordon Chow bested Biruk and Michal Rybak in the open doubles final.

Complete results are attached below right.

Next up for Manitoba is the US Open Championships where Matthew Lehmann is competing for Manitoba and Canada and we have four International Umpires there as well…Darek Mikita, Gregory Chan, Greg Dzioba and Royle Derbitsky.

Cheers for the holiday season,

Ron Edwards Reporting


King Bekele Starts Defence of His Crown

Biruk Bekele was the Pro-Open Singles Circuit Champion for the 2016-2017 season. However, some argued that he was “King by Default” in that “Crown Prince” Terry “Tian” Zhang only played in 3 out of 5 events last year and he won all three finals over the King. Saturday, at the Red River Open, hosted in the bowels of Daniel MacIntyre Collegiate, it looked like the King was about to drop his crown. Having lost the first three games in the best of seven by scores of -4,-7 and -5, King Bekele somehow won the next four games in a row by scores or 10, 5, 10 and 8 leaving the large crowd of onlookers speechless. Terry was up 3-0, how could he lose? is table tennis, things happen in the blink of an eye! Well done to both players for an excellent match played. In the Active 4 Life, >40 Years, Michal Rybak was in top form defeating this time not Alex Mendoza (who had to work) but rather newcomer Richard Elendu who made it to his first finals. Jeremy Tran defeated Phuong Nguyen to capture the Youth <21 Years crown and Sparsh Agrawal defeated Jeremy Huang to capture the Cadet title. Well done to all players and I hope to see everyone out at the Manitoba Closed on Saturday December 16th. Complete results can be found to the right.

Ron Edwards Reporting.


Athletes Wanted

The Rady JCC is recruiting Jewish athletes to be a part of the Team Winnipeg delegation joining over 2,000 participants at the JCCA Maccabi Games August 5-10, 2018 in Orange County, CA.!  More details can be found here.  


Continued Success in Europe

At the Angby International Table Tennis tournament in Stockholm (November 3-5), Matthew Lehmann had the home court advantage with his Angby club cheering him to victory in the Mens Category 1 Singles.   In other play, Matthew took the eventual winner of the U21 Men's singles to the fifth game before bowing out in the second round of Men's U21.

Matthew will continue to train in Sweden this month and compete in the Stockholm Closed, as well as the ITTF Swedish Open, before returning to Bulgaria for team match play.

Ron Edwards Reporting


Congratuations Coach Tronco!

Cheers in store for M.T.T.A. Head Coach Arvin Tronco and his wife Gerardine on the birth of their baby daughter Marizza!


2016-2017 Season Table Tennis Awards
Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting was a big hit on Thursday, Oct. 5th. With such a big turnout, it was to my surprise that everyone came on time, which turned out to be an exciting and organized AGM. Ronnie Edwards, our Executive Director, was a little upset that so many people came and ate most of the food before he could get his hands on some himself. Everyone knows how the AGM goes, we do the awards ceremony and then discuss what’s in store for the up-coming season. There were a lot of familiar faces we haven’t seen in a while, so it took some time for everyone to get settled in and focused on the meeting.

Starting with the awards presentations, can I just say what we were all thinking? Wow did Biruk Bekele look handsome! He really rocked that blue suit. Congrats on that bronze medal at Nationals Biruk! Biruk and 16 other athletes - 17 including the coach - received the Order of Excellence award. A few people were unable to make it, but they still deserved it nonetheless. Speaking of someone who was unable to make it, Jeremy Tran had one of the biggest nights of his life! Winning not one, not two, but five awards! That’s got to be some kind of record? One of the first awards he won was first place in the League standings, with Alex Mendoza, Czar Caguoia, Naomi Tran and myself behind him. Biruk, showing off that flashy blue suit, came up to receive the Pro-Open Circuit Singles Overall Champion award with Jeremy Tran taking in second place. It’s great to see that the “Active 4 Life” (>40 Years) athletes are still working hard and competing with the same amount, or with maybe even more intensity, than us younger athletes and that Alex Mendoza finally rose to the top and beat out Michal Rybak for the overall Over 40 Category. Youth Singles Overall Champion was Jeremy Tran and Yunyang Deng in second place…with Jeremy winning another award, his sister Naomi was getting a little dizzy going back and forth in his place. Congrats to Ben Vu for being the Cadet Singles Overall Champion and Sparsh Agrawal for coming in for a close second.

Now, on to the bigger awards.

One of our Filipino members shocked everyone and gained 694 points this season winning the Most Improved Player award - congratulations to Irwin Raymundo. Junior Male of the Year went to, you guessed it, Jeremy Tran. Junior Female of the Year went to a small but energetic young athlete who has always been dedicated to table tennis and was shocked when she won the award, Ms. Anna Liu. Volunteer of the Year went to a very deserving coach who helped Coach Arvin and I out a lot last season, Mr. Meng Yu. For the Mike Partyka award, I’d like to give thanks to the Executive and to everyone else for the endless support and for honoring me with this award. The Liam Barclay Junior Sportsmanship Award went to two individuals who were always in the gym and who were eager to learn and play…these two athletes absolutely deserved this award! Congrats to Kieran Buchberger and Nibusha Loganathan. Another young athlete who loves the sport and was very dedicated to the league was Hongjun Feng. Congrats for winning the “Ironman” award for the most matches played in the District League last season. Everyone should follow Hongjun’s example and come out to league every Friday night! Last, but not least, Jeremy Tran winning the last award there was to win…the “Player of the Year Award”. Jeremy may have been a little distant from the gym at the start of the season but for the second half of the season he was one of the most dedicated athletes. It was a bummer you had to miss the AGM, but it was clear that your hard work throughout the season paid off. Congrats again and keep up the hard work!

Congratulations once again to all the winners of last year’s season. You guys and gals should be proud of your accomplishments. For the people who didn’t receive an award, this should give you motivation to get in the gym more and work even harder this upcoming season. Let’s all have a goal to become more present in the gym and more focused when we’re at practice and to keep a consistent level of intensity throughout the entire season.

The last portion of the meeting was dedicated to the annual update of the Executive and Committee teams. Somehow, my mom unintentionally got me onto the Executive while knocking herself out. There were a couple changes to the Executive members this year. Royle Derbitsky went from Secretary to Secretary/Treasurer. Don Kokan went from being the Athlete Representative to one of the Member’s at Large. While my mom wanted the Athlete Representative position, I was nominated in her place because only an athlete could have the position, sorry mom! The last change to the Executive was adding a second Member at Large position that went to long-time member Gregory Chan. Darek Mikita, Greg Dzioba and Osama Zaki retained their senior positions. A complete listing can be found to the top-right side of

Overall, this was one of the more successful AGMs we have had in a long time and it was a terrific way to start off the 2017-2018 season. Hope to see everyone out at the gyms and tournaments!

Phuong Nguyen Reporting


"Lefty-Lehmann" Reaches Podium in Europe for 1st Time!

This past October 14-15 weekend, Matthew Lehmann from Winnipeg competed in the Albena Open on the shores of the Black Sea in Bulgaria. Matthew had former M.T.T.A. Head Coach Milcho Uzunov in his corner as he reached the semi-finals in the Men’s Open event against world ranked players from Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine and Romania. Coach Uzunov said Matthew’s attack was very effective as he won all three of his qualifying group matches and then three more elimination-round matches until bowing out in the semi’s. Matthew now returns to his Austrian training base, as he prepares for matches with his Swedish club in Stockholm. However, he will return to Bulgaria later in the fall to compete with Milcho for the “Nedelino” Team in the Bulgarian Super League. They will both be eagerly watched by former M.T.T.A. Head Coach George Damianov. Both Milcho and George miss Canada and their former players and pass on their regards to Terry, William, Freddy, Victor, Carol-Jean, Victoria, Gordon, Euwe, Jacie, Naomi, Jeremy, Phuong, Tina, Bryanna, Kaitlyn, Shaelynn…Milcho says they apologize to those they missed as they had such a good time with the lot of you and he was saddened that so many had quit our great sport.

Ron Edwards Reporting


Table Tennis Season Start Up and Annual General Meeting

Hello all Manitoba Table Tennis enthusiasts. Well, school is back in class so that means that table tennis is not far behind! We are still awaiting word from several school divisions on some facilities…but, in general, the gyms, time-slots and programming will be about the same as last year. I hope that most clubs will open the week of September 18th and our first tournament is scheduled for November 18th.

There will be some minor fee increases this year due to both some funding cuts from the Provincial government to sport as well as some school divisions increasing user fees. MORE INFORMATION WILL BE POSTED IN THE COMING WEEKS AS PROGRAMMING FINALIZED.


Ron Edwards

Executive Director


Reporters Wanted

Contribute to the sport you love, write an article and get it published right here!!!

We would love to get stories and articles from the people that are involved in the sport of Table Tennis.  If you are a player, coach, parent, umpire, referee, spectator, or involved in the sport in any capacity, why not tell us your story, share your experiences, provide some tips and knowledge.  If you have something to share, we would love to hear from you.  Submit your story, articles, ideas to Ron Edwards.


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