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Table Tennis to Host Canada Winter Games Trials in Morden as Part of 2014 Manitoba Games
March 5-8, 2014

In February 2015 Table Tennis is part of the 2015 CANADA WINTER GAMES.  The Canada Winter Games is an OLYMPICS  for Canada’s developing athletes.  It is huge, it is exciting, it is sport at its finest in Canada!  It is an event that if you have a chance to compete in you cannot miss!  For many, it is a chance in a lifetime to compete on a large stage with all of Canada watching!  Many participants go on to compete for Canada at the International levels.

In order to prepare for the 2015 Canada Winter Games, the M.T.T.A. will be modifying our provincial Squads Training Program slightly with the creation of “Team Toba Table Tennis 2015.”  Eight boys and eight girls born on/ > January 1, 1997 will be named to this squad and a list of alternates identified.  Training demands will still be age dependant but requirements will be increased and more rigidly enforced. Physical training at the Sport 4 Life Centre will also be introduced.  We want athletes who are dedicated to become as good as they can be and who want to perform in 2015!

Team 2015 at the Games will be made up of three boys and three girls and 2 coaches/ managers (one must be male, one must be female).  The three boys and girls will be selected as follows:  Top 2 spots selected based on the results of three trials:  Trial #1 March 5-8 in Morden as part of the 2014 Manitoba Games, Trial #2 November 2014 as part of Manitoba Closed, Trial #3 December 2014 as part of Red River Open.  The third spot is coach’s selection.


The Manitoba Games is a “mini-Olympics” for Manitoba athletes.  The focus is to prepare athletes for the Canada Games.  Athletes are selected for their Regional teams and come together to compete in 11 different sports against athletes from the other 6 Regions.  Table Tennis was in the 2004 and 2008 Manitoba Summer Games but have not been involved since due to a lack of depth in all 7 sport Regions.  However, TABLE TENNIS HAS BEEN INVITED TO BE A DEMONSTRATION SPORT AT THESE GAMES.  In other words, the M.T.T.A. will be conducting a training camp for the Team Toba Table Tennis 2015 athletes March 5 and 6 and this will be followed by the Trials #1 on the 7th and 8th.  The 16 athletes and 4 coaches/ managers (2 male/ 2 female) will be travelling to the Games by bus as part of Team Winnipeg.  They will receive a uniform, accommodations and meals in the athletes village etc.  The camp and trials are held at the main hub of the Games and you can expect hundreds of spectators.  The M.T.T.A. will also be running training sessions for local players and also a Club Umpires Seminar & Examination and a tournament for local players and volunteers.

More information can be found on the attached “Prospectus.”

See you in Morden!

Ron Edwards Reporting.



Congratulations to the following players, coaches and officials who will be representing Manitoba at the Canadian Championships being hosted by the Nova Scotia Association in Halifax this coming July 8-14th.

Men’s Team:  Matthew Lehmann, Terry “Tian” Zhang, William Liu, Sergiu Buda.

Woman’s Events:  Yilin Tian, Jacie Liu.  (No woman’s team as Table Tennis Canada will not allow Jacie Liu to play on both of the Cadet 15 Girls Team and the Woman’s team and no senior ladies able to make the trip).

Boy’s Junior Under 18 Team:  Matthew Lehmann, Sergiu Buda, William Liu, Liam Nadurak.

Girls Under 18 Years events:  Yilin Tian.

Boy’s Cadet Under 15 Team:  Jeremy Tran, Manuel Zaki, Colin Schroeder, Victor Yu, Samuel Nadurak.

Girl’s Cadet Under 15 Team:  Jacie Liu, Tiffany Tantakoun, Naomi Tran.

Coaching Staff:  Milcho Uzunov, Frederick Eng, Mark Lehmann (Team Manager).

Officials:   Gregory Chan, Francesca Chan, Jason Su.

Athlete selections are made as per Squad and Hopefulls Policy as posted elsewhere on our website.  In simple terms, first spots for teams are made based on level of play as shown by competition results and ratings/ ranking level and the last spots selected by the Head coach.  Once athletes are selected, how much they pay depends upon their participation levels…in simple terms if you are out training and supporting your teammates you pay less to go than someone who is not out.  Alternates are also free to travel to the Nationals and must be sanctioned by the M.T.T.A. to do so.

Selection of our Officials is made by the Officials Development Committee and is dependent upon invitations received from Table Tennis Canada.  Congratulations to Gregory Chan who was named Deputy Referee for the Senior Championships.



May 18-19, Saskatoon

With the demise of the Western Canadian Championships, there was a gap to fill.  Thankfully the Saskatchewan Table Tennis Association stepped in to fill this gap!   The Western Canadian Table Tennis Championships had been a main-stay on the Canadian table tennis scene for numerous decades.  The tournament featured individual events and Men’s and Woman’s team events and was used by the Western Provinces and the Yukon to prepare annually for the Canadian Championships.  The tournament was rotated from West to East with British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and sometimes the Yukon taking turns to host.  It was an unwritten rule that the Western provinces religiously attended and supported this event by taking turns hosting.  Then table tennis in Canada started to change.  Politics in some of the Western provinces along with staff changes at the National office and the formation of numerous private, for profit clubs and Associations in some of the Western provinces meant that attention now went towards making money from tournaments rather than hosting a traditional event for the love of the sport…simply put, the tradition fell apart and the last few events were not well attended by all of the provinces and hosts could no longer take such a risk to host.  However, the need for an event still exists and Saskatchewan stepped up the plate and organized the first of what I hope will be many team events to come.

Manitoba supported this inaugural event by sending 4 teams to compete.  The majority of the players were juniors and the event was used to prepare our athletes for the upcoming Canadian Championships and long-term for the 2015 Canada Winter Games.  This was Coach Milcho Uzunov’s first out-of-province adventure but I don’t think he felt as excited as Christopher Columbus did as the 8 hour drive sort of drag’s on…and yes…the world does appear to be flat!

The team of Milcho, Colin Schroeder, Gerardo Makinano and Jacie Liu reached the semi-finals of the A Division event and Tina Liu, Phuong Nguyen and Tiffany Tantakoun finished second in the B and took home some nice medals.  Well done!

Ron Edwards Reporting.



May 13-20, Palais Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France

International Umpire Greg Dzioba just returned from Paris more...



Saturday April 20th, Winakwa Community Centre

Wow, what a season!  The $2,500 Circuit this past year started back in November with the Manitoba Closed, followed by the Red River Open in December, the Golden Boy in February and then the Manitoba Open in March.   After the first four events, two of them appeared to be pretty much wrapped up.  Jiayun Du had a firm grasp on the Female Singles title and she defeated Becky Li  in the “T.O.C.” final to indeed take home the title.  Phuong Nguyen finished third in the T.O.C. and for her efforts captured second spot overall in the Female Singles standings.  The other event that was more a less a “given” was the Youth Singles.  Heading into the finals, the leftie Matthew Lehmann had an insurmountable lead.  Well, in the final, he trounced a bewildered Terry Zhang to easily capture the Youth Singles Crown.

The Open Singles event and the “Active 4 Life”/ > 40 Years events were much closer.  Starting with the > 40 event, Michal Rybak had 360 points to Alex Mendoza’s 335.  Wow, both players battled through to the final where Alex prevailed in 4 sets but ended up just short of overtaking Michal for the season’s tally:  Michal Rybak 440 points, Alex Mendoza 335 points!

Now on to the “heavy-weight” title for table tennis, the “Open” singles event.  After the Manitoba Open, Matthew held a 20 point lead on second place Terry Zhang.  What would happen here?  Well, William Liu entered and drew the second seed spot pushing Matthew to third seed.  This meant that Matthew and Michal Rybak’s fates were decided by the toss of a coin…one goes to the top half of the draw to possibly face top seed Terry in the semi final and the other William in the second semi-final.  Well, Matthew drew Terry and Michal drew William.  Terry and Matthew each battled through to the semi’s as did Michal and William.  In the first semi, big-money-motivated Terry prevailed in an EPIC seven game battle and William bested Michal in 6 games.  This set up the “cousin vs. cousin” battle for the title.  Terry hung on beating an exhausted William in 6 games.  What would this mean for the overall season’s title?...Terry Zhang 1st place $250 with 400 total points and Matthew Lehmann second $150 with 380 points!

Well done to all players, and good lukc to those moving on to the Sitco Team event in Saskatchewan and then the Nationals in July in Halifax.

 Complete results coming soon.

Ron Edwards Reporting.



April 13-14, Winakwa Community Centre, Winnipeg

On April 12-14 the M.T.T.A. hosted former National Team Coach Marles Martins.  Marles was in town to conduct the “Introduction To Competition”  coaching course to the 8 M.T.T.A. coaches who registered. This course is roughly equivalent to the old “Level Two Technical”.  Prior to this course, the M.T.T.A. had previously only hosted the one day “Community Initiation” coaching course and had instead sent coaches to out-of-province courses.  This two day course is quite intense with several tasks for coaches to complete before they become certified. A big KUDOSshould go out to enthusiast Johnny Chiang.  Ever since taking this course, Johnny has been down to the M.T.T.A. office like a well-oiled clock picking apart Coach Uzanov’s brain for tips as he completes his year-long plan.  Well done Johnny, your enthusiasm is contagious!

Thanks to our partners Coaching Manitoba and Table Tennis Canada.  Wihtout your support this course would not have been possible.

Ron Edwards Reporting.



April 9-12, Snow Lake, Manitoba

The Frontier School Division continue to offer their outstanding Frontier Games program for their high school students.  The program for high school aged athletes started up about 4-5 years ago and it followed the format of their Games for Junior High kids aged 11-15.  The Junior High Games have now been running for close to 40 years and it was thought that it would be great to continue the opportunity for the kids up through their senior years. 

So on April 9th I boarded a Calm Air flight for Flin Flon.  At the airport I was greeted by former Provincial Team player Ted Smook and it was off to his “cottage” at Baker’s Narrows.  Ted and his wife Vivian (an amazing tennis player…kicks Ted’s but I hear) treated me to a fantastic meal.  Then it was to bed early and up early the next morning for about 2 hours of ice fishing before the drive to Snow Lake. 

Brian McMillan, Phys. Ed. Consultant drove myself, Florencio Castillo, Phys. Ed. Consultant and “Marty the Physiotherapist” up to Snow Lake.  We checked into the motel and then it was off to the school and recreation complex where the games were to be held.  Table tennis was held in a small room and foyer area of the Legion Hall. Conditions were cramped but the kids did not mind.  For the next 2 and a half days, 12 hours a day,  27 boys and 22 girls from 14 different communities took part in the ad hoc skills clinics, round-the-world matches and of course the official Frontier High School Boys and Girls singles events.  These 49 players were the  tops from their Regions and bested the rest of the 369 kids who tried out for table tennis.

RESULTS:   Congratulations to the following finalists:

BOYS:    1ST: Alan Benson, Mel Johnson School, Wabowden

                2nd: Lyndon Merasty, Frontier Collegiate Institute, Cranberry Portage

               3rd:   Austin Apetagon, H.B.O., Norway House

               4th:   Nolan York, H.B.O., Norway House


               1ST:  Taryn Beardy, F.C.I., Cranberry Portage

               2nd:  Kayla Duke, Mel Johnson School, Wabowden

               3rd:  Madison Scott, Grand Rapids School

               4th:  Ciara Chartrand, Moose Lake

Results were coded and count towards Manitoba and Canadian ratings and rankings and players were scouted for the 2015 Canada Winter Games.  A special congratulations to Taryn Beardy who finally bested perennial favorite Kayla Duke.  Well done Taryn, and Kayla, I think your trophy shelf is likely buckling under the weight of your numerous titles.

A big thank you to Brian and Florencio for all your help and support.


Ron Edwards Reporting.



Wednesday April 3rd  John Henderson Junior High School

On Wednesday April 3rd Coach Uzunov and I travelled to John Henderson Junior High School where teacher Jim Kovachik-along with his colleague Dan Bezte from Munroe-had organized the RETSD  Junior High School Table Tennis Championships.  The event attracted 24 players aged 11-15 from 5 schools.  Follow link to read more...



M.T.T.A and Table Tennis Canada will hold coaching course in Winnipeg on April 13 & 14th.  Course leader is former National Team Coach Marles Martins.  This course called "Introduction To Competition" is perfect for all coaches, parents and athletes who want to learn more about competitive table tennis and how to achieve results.  Click on link for registration form and more information.



In case you have been sleeping under the table for the last month and a half, Manitoba hired Miclcho Uzunov as our new Athlete Development Director... link to the full article.



Last October 20th and 21st young Tina Liu edged out Naomi Tran to take 3rd place in the Canada Series Woman's Qualifier held in Saskatoon.  Link to full article.  Tina Liu Reports on her Tournament Experience  



This year's Frontier Games were the 39th year in a row for these games that are a celebration of sport and friendship for the athletes and coaches and teachers of the Frontier School Division.  The Frontier School Division is the largest school division in Canada in geographic terms.  Link to full article.



This past February 9 to 14, Hugh Hartford's acclaimed "Ping Pong" documentary showed at Cinematheque.  The M.T.T.A had a display table and robot set up in the foyer prior to each show in order to give the public some information on where they can knock the ball around in Winnipeg!  Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped out, the display has generated a few enquires.  To those who never saw the film, if you get the chance, it is well worth checking out!

Ron Edward Reporting.


Saturday February 9th

The Recreation Services Department at the University of Manitoba held their Second Annual Table Tennis Tournament for students on Saturday february 9th in the Brown Gym.  Link to full article.



Link to results.


December 22nd & 23rd 2012:

Table Tennis is one of four sports that comprise “Racketlon” which is sort of a triathlon or decathlon for racquet sports enthusiasts. The other sports played are tennis, badminton and squash. Opponents play each other 1 game to 21 in each of the four sports with the winners advancing based upon cumulative scores. Former M.T.T.A. Provincial Team Coach runs Racketlon in Canada based out of Montreal but this event wasn’t sanctioned by Racketlon Canada. Evan Mancer won this year’s event and I think will be representing Canada again at the upcoming World Racketlon Championships. Well done Evan! The M.T.T.A. again provided tables for this event and kudos go out to Chris Verden moving for transporting our tables for this event and for the many club moves that he does for us.

Ron Edwards Reporting. 

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